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How Does A Gulet Cruise Really Look Like?

Have you always wondered is gulet cruise is the right kind of holiday for you and your loved ones? Seek no more, because you found the right place with all the information you could need. In this post, you’ll find out if gulet cruise is a vacation for you, how a typical day on gulet looks like and what are the things you can do on gulets. So continue reading!




Pros and cons of a gulet cruise

“Gulet Cruiser” usually is a person that loves a good adventure, hates to stay in one place all the time and prefers STUNNING LOCATIONS over hotels.

So let’s just say right from the beginning that Gulet Cruise vacations are not perfect for just anyone. I won’t try to sugar coat gulet cruise concept.

Firstly I’ll introduce you with some pros and cons of gulet cruise that you should be aware of before making any big decisions.



1. You have to be a bit of an adventurist at heart!

Every single day you can check and explore different astounding locations.From small villages or exquisite towns, islands, parks and simply enjoy other culture.

2. Experienced Captain will lead your cruise.

You will be in Capitan safe hands. He will be more than happy to share great stories and bits of pieces of advice with you on the route and on things you can do there.

3. Amazing Chef will fulfill all of your food wishes!

He is will be responsible that all of your meals meet and exceed established food preparation wishes and standards during the whole cruise.

4. Always friendly sailors, hostesses and waiter

They are always at your disposal, making sure you don’t have to move a finger and don’t feel guilty about it.

5. Sea is always right next to your room.

You are constantly surrounded by crystal clear sea that just calls you to jump in it and take a swim just about any time you wish!

6. Not a fan of big loud crowds?

Not a problem at all, you can escape the crowds by asking Captain to take you to more peaceful spots.

7. Usually, everything is very flexible during cruise…

Unless bad weather gets included into the plot story…

8.Everything you wish can be personalized, you just need to communicate it.

The crew will make sure your cruise is completely stress free!

9. There are many different options to choose from.

Standard –Luxury – Super Deluxe, but don’t be fooled by the names! All of them are coming with a very professional crew which will ensure you with most comfortable, relaxing and a luxurious atmosphere.

10. There are many stunning secluded bays and places approachable only by ships.

By staying on land in hotels, you are missing out on them! The main goal of gulet vacations is to have unique holidays experience.


1. It will cost you more thans taying in hotel…

Gulets are expensive, and if your budget is limited than this might not be the best option for you. Renting a hotel or a house, or even a sailing yacht will come at cheaper price. Gulet cruise prices go from 600 to 800 €/person/week for standard type gulets.  Anything better than starts at price  of 1.000 €/person/week and more…

2. Cabins and bathrooms are designed for basic use.

On a gulet, cabins and bathrooms designed for basic use. Usually, guests spend most of the time on deck or exploring towns. However, if you need the spaciousness of a hotel room, and you prefer to stay inside then consider booking a hotel, not gulet.

3. You are going on a ship, so prepare for the adventure!

It has to be said that gulets are generally very safe even for families with small kids. But sometimes even if it’s summer it can happen that you have bad weather and that could mess up some of your plans. Every day you will cruise from one place to the other place. So if you are not really adventurist at heart you should stay home.

4.Organizing a group of people can be a challenge

Sometimes the hardest part of having gulet cruise holidays is to organize a group. Actually, just as I wrote this, I think organizing any large group of people can be difficult. Different people have different wishes and expectations so that can cause problems. You have to be a good organiser and plan in a correct way.

5. Unless it’s a cabin charter, but…

In this option, you do not know who you will end up with on a cruise. If you are a big introvert in a heart and person who is not open to new friendships…this is not for you! If sharing space with strangers is a problem for you, then either book gulet or fewer people or get your own group.

6. Gulets are not sailing yachts.

If you were looking for sailing adventure then you are looking in a wrong place… Most of the gulets have none or poor sailing capabilities, with maybe few exceptions.

7. A bad crew on your gulet = a bad holiday

The crew makes an important part of your whole experience, if not the most important one. If you have a crew that doesn’t speak English or doesn’t know their job, a chef who forgets about your food preferences your experience could turn into a disaster.

8. This is not hotel or large cruise – Self Service food is not available

Naturally, gulets have limited space, so self servise is not avaliable. While planning your cruise you will state all your food preferences and chef will follow them during the cruise.

So you’ve decided that gulet cruise holiday is a right choice for you? Maybe you need some more reassurance. Continue reading and get an inside view of…

2. How does a day on a gulet cruise look like?

The best way to start a day!

Everyone has their own morning routines, but here is my recommendation on how to start your day while cruising on the gulet. So firstly instead of an everyday morning shower, I’d suggest skipping that routine and jump in the blue clear ocean. Early morning soft waves with a first red and orange colors of a sunrise are pure magic that you don’t wanna miss!

The most important meal of the day!

Swimming in the sea didn’t wake you up? Well, maybe some coffee and tasty food will. Delicious breakfast, coffee and tea will be served by our lovely crew that will be at your service if anything is needed.

Enjoy in beautiful view while eating breakfast served by our friendly crew.


Have a nice cup of tea or coffee to wake you up and some fresh fruit to get energised.


Ater good breakfast there has to be some time for relaxing, rejuvenating and enjoying. It’s up to you to decide what you will do; read a book, take a nap or simply enjoy the sun, while the experienced captain is leading to the next bay.

Enjoy the nice view while you cruise.

DARE TO DREAM Relaxing in the bay

Work on your amazing tan.

MEIRA Flybridge

Anchor time is a fun time

Around noon the captain will anchor the gulet. He chooses the bay that best suits all your needs and wishes, now it’s time for some fun!

Diverse afternoon activities

The afternoon is usually reserved for fun activities of all sorts that can please not only kids but adults too. Possibilities when it comes to activities on gulets are truly endless and once more they depend on your personal preferences. Later in this post, there will be more details on this topic…

Keep active!


Some prefer to take it easy…

Enjoying the cruise

…and some like go to extremes.

Water sports activities


Then comes personally one of my favourite parts of the day. Lunchtime!

After so many activities you simply get hungry. Around this time everyone will gather around whether you travel with your own group or complete strangers, and you’ll enjoy the traditional amazing food that melts like butter in your mouth.  Expect only the freshest, seasonal and local quality ingredients!

The crew always happy to help.


Enjoy in local food, accompanied by great wine.

food on Gideon

After lunch – Sail away!

After lunch, we sail away to a new amazing destination. You should use this time for more relaxing after all, you are on a holiday! So do some sunbathing, chat and relax, play social games and plan afternoon/evening activities…

Nice afternoon gatherings

It’s time to stop and refreshen up a bit and while we approach next destination… This is also a perfect time to sip on some drinks, tasty fresh cocktails, champagne or maybe taste amazing wine. Snacks are an option too!

Cocktails sound nice now!

Drinking on gulet

Or some champagne with fruits on the side…

Local and international drinks

…with a view that words can’t describe!

DARE TO DREAM Ice cold wine

Visit astounding places

Explore breathtaking towns full of history, charming villages, lively sandy beaches, islands, nature parks and many more…


Beautiful view don’t you think?

General View Of Dubrovnik

Aerial View of Maiori, Amalfi Coast, Italy

Aerial View of Maiori, Amalfi coast, Italy

Dinner time!

As the night approaches and sunset sets, our crew prepared dinner for you. Table full of some of the finest rich, tender, sweet and savory dishes will wait on you. Once you sit to eat the only question you’ll have is; “Where should I start?”


Last but not the least, evening activities!

The ending part of the day arrived, but there are many possibilities left…

  • You can stay on gulet and enjoy the peace or go to sleep.
  • There is a saying that night is more beautiful than a day… So go and explore the towns during nighttime and meet the locals
  • Have parting or go skinnydipping etc.


I’m sure you haven’t seen a club with this view!

Evening view from above the old town of Šibenik in Croatia from the St. Michael’s fortress.

Evening view from above the old town of Sibenik in Croatia from the St. Michael's fortress.

Good night…

See more about gulet cruise activities


3. Fun things to do while on gulet!

Things you will do on your cruise are as important as the things you will see. And we haven’t forgotten about that! Possibilities when it comes to activities on gulets are endless! 5 weeks before your cruise, you are assigned with a personal assistant, who will advise you on all possibilities but for now here is short ”Gulet cruise bucket list”:

  • Enjoy in the most beautiful sunsets in the world
  • Do a swim first thing in a morning, or go snorkelling or enjoy in water sports in crystal clear ocean that is 100% safe
  • Explore towns and small villages, pots, nature parks, history cruises, museums and many more…
  • Stay on the anchor, have a rest and enjoy in local food and amazing drinks as the night falls

Most beautiful sunsets…


Jump in a sea!

Jumping from gulet

Enjoy in traditional food

  • Visit the most famous beaches that the Mediterranean has to offer.
  • Stay active, go hiking, cycling or just enjoy sunbathing!
  • Relax in Jacuzzi during the day or have a romantic night just for two!
  • Go partying on land or on a boat!
  • You are on vacation so don’t feel bad that you will be super spoiled!
  • Or just skip all this and go to sleep…

Jacuzzi and champagne are waiting for you…


Visit most unique beaches!

Aerial view of Zlatni Rat beach close to the town of Bol on the Brac

Have the best sleep of your life under a starry night.

Spending night anchoring

Get the perfect gulet for you!

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