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4 Facts about gulet charter Turkey!

Bodrum Town in Mugla City Aegean Turkey

Largest gulet fleet in the world

Turkey gulet charter

The color Turquoise comes from the word Turkish because of the color of its sea.

Celsus Library in Ephesus and the sun with flare

Unique mix of European, central Asian and Middle eastern culture

Turkish cuisine

Turkish cuisine is at the junction of Turkish, Arabic, Jewish and Mediterranean influences.

Gulet Grande Mare

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Turkey gulet cruise price:

  • The price of gulet charter Turkey ranges from €5.000 per group per week to around €100.000. It depends on the size and category of the gulet.
  • The price includes: Personel assistance – Personel preparation for the cruise – Route planning – Port and tourist taxes – Support during the cruise – Fuel during the cruise – Service on board
  • The charter price in Turkey usually exclude The meals on board – Drinks – Private marinas – Entrances to national parks
Turkish Gulet Dea Del Mare

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We’ve listed top luxury gulets to charter in Turkey and 26 of the most stunning locations to visit during your cruise.

Top 3 luxury gulets to charter in Turkey

Gulet Grande Mare

Gulet Grande Mare:

6 cabins for 13 guests. There is a master cabin, a VIP cabin, 2 double cabins as well as a triple cabin, with separate accommodation for a crew of 5, well experienced in vip service as well as customer care.

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Gulet Wicked Felina

Gulet Wicked Felina:

Luxury 5 cabins gulet Wicked Felina is a 34 meters beautiful designed yacht for her guests. It was totally renovated and refreshed in 2015. She has 1 master, 2 double and 2 twin cabins, totally 10 people can accommodate on gulet.

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Gulet Blue Heaven

Gulet Blue Heaven:

An impressive Turkish gulet, the Blue Heaven is a 5 cabin yacht that can accommodate up to 9 guests. Cabin selection comprises of 2 masters, 2 twins and 1 single.

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Top 3 Turkish gulets for larger groups

Luxury Gulet B&B

Gulet B&B 2:

Gulet is a deluxe gulet for big group of friends and family. The gulet gives guests best vacation and accommodation. It offers 10 Double cabins and 2 Twin and 4 Triple cabins.

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Gulet Kayhan 11

Gulet Kayhan 11:

Built in 2002 she is able to accommodate 20 guests in 6 double and 4 twin cabins. All cabins have private bathrooms with box showers, air conditioning, a TV and DVD player.

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Gulet Prinses Lila

Gulet Prinses Lila:

Gulet is designed for a blue cruise with a length of 36 meters. She has spacious living areas and a capacity for decent groups up to 18 persons with 8 spacious cabins.

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Just 12 miles from Ephesus (an intriguing Roman city), Kuşadası is an artistic wonder. Its 2,000 year-old theatre still has performances today!

Kuşadası’s breath-taking architecture and wondrous sites such as Selçuk fortress have been main attractions for thousands of tourists every year.

The city itself holds many different stalls in a vast bazaar, and the local seafood is to die for.

Kusadası from Turkey
Kusadasi, bird island on the turkish coast
Cesme town


Rich in Ottoman and 14th Century history, Çeşme is a beautiful place for a beach and spa day where you can take it easy and unwind.

The Ottomans were defeated by Russian ships in 1770, and there is also a historical Ottoman caravansary that is quite popular for visitors.

Dalyan Ildur

Just a short boat ride from Ildur, Dalyan is quickly becoming a popular location.

It is a beautiful, serene place rich in culture and history, featuring the King’s Tombs set just across from the river.

You can eat at some excellent restaurants on the waterside and enjoy the sights right from your table.

Dalyan site
Carion Tombs Turkey

Bodrum the capital of gulet cruises

At night, Bodrum is even more of a sight to see from the sea.

It is home to the Castle of St. Peter, which also houses one of the city’s most remarkable museums; the Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology.

The ruins of one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, can be visited in Bodrum.

It was built originally between 353 and 350 BC for Mausolus of Caria and his wife, Atemisia.

Bodrum city by night
Bodrum castle
Castle in Bodrum
Datca in Turkey


Datça is just north of Greek island of Symi, and has amazing scenery.

It is a quiet town relatively shied away from tourism.

There is a relaxing natural hot spring located in the centre of Datça , from where and you can see the coastline of Greek islands of Kos, Symi, and Rhodes right from the water’s edge.


There is a larger Bencik town located in Turkey, but Bencik in Hisarönü Bay is the small inlet located east of Datça and is the narrowest part of the peninsula.

There are no places to eat at Bencik, but the views alone are enough for a quick stopover during the day.


Before it was conquered, Knidos was ancient Greek city of Caria famous for displaying the statue of Aphrodite by Praxiteles of Athens.

You can still visit the location where the statue once remained and see the ornate marble pedestal that held the statue.

Knidos is also well-known for its amazing views and natural harbour, alongside its history.

Bencik bay
Knidos view
Orhaniye Bay

Keci Buku

Keci Buku (also known as Orhaniye Bay) is much like Bencik; beautiful, peaceful, and very relaxing. It’s a good spot for swimming during the day, and you can also visit the ancient Caria Bybassos ruins.

The bay is very shallow up to around 500 metres in length, so it can look quite odd to look out over the bay and see what appears to be people walking right out into the ocean!


Selimiye is a bit different – the town has many visitors that come by boat or gulet, and they practice in the art of boat-making, so you might get the rare chance to see a gulet being crafted!

A newly developed boardwalk has been completed which allows you to walk the length of the bay area and look out at the calming waters.

There are also many great restaurants that serve the freshest fish.



Marmaris is a bustling city that started with humble beginnings.

It’s is one of the main shopping and trading locations in Turkey, and is a very popular destination for tourists.

It’s a nice place to shop for souvenirs and it has some delicious dishes from exquisite restaurants.

Marmaris harbor
Gulet charter in Marmaris
Marmaris beach
Ekincik Turkey


Ekincik is a glorious spot spanning a stretch along Turkey’s famous turquoise coast.

There are some fantastic places for scuba-diving and snorkelling, as well as relaxing and quiet swimming spots.

Those who want to explore inland can visit the ancient fourth century temples of Kaunos.


There are many things to see and do in Fethiye that you could easily spend one or two days here and still want to come back again.

If history and culture is your main interest, you might find the Fethiyes’ Roman Amphitheatre and Lycian Rock Tombs to your liking.

Of course, there are plenty of places to do: a spot of sunbathing and swimming, and just close by lies Butterfly Valley – an amazing habitat for more than a hundred varieties of butterflies.

Fethiye Turkey
Butterfly valey


Not far below Fethiye lies Ölüdeniz, a popular and protected part of the Turkish coast that offers amazing scenery and pleasant spots for relaxing.

Ölüdeniz means “dead sea” as its waters are very calm and offer a very meditative experience.


Kalkan is a buzzing hub of activity for ancient tours – but you won’t find the masses of crowds here as you would elsewhere.

It’s a relatively unspoiled area of the Lycian coast, and offers amazing hospitality, food, and a relaxing atmosphere for you to truly unwind and rejuvenate.

For those who like to shop and indulge a little, the smaller town of Kaş just 25 miles from Kalkan and another unspoiled area, is a great place to wind down.

Ancient areas still exist around Kas and Kalkan, including the small town of Aperlae, which has some amazing underwater ruins left over from its ancient Lycia days.

Kalkan town view
Town Kalkan, Mediterranean Coast, Turkey
Lycian rock


Just a short way away from its main province, Kale, Üçağız has some intriguing attractions and serene views.

You can visit Lycian tombs that are over 2,000 years old, plus the marble ruins of a “sunken city” located beneath the water just offshore.

The town is becoming more popular, but many quaint restaurants can be frequented for your share of fine wine and great local food.

For some fantastic architecture, you can visit the Lycian rock tombs in the ancient Greek town of Myra, or the Roman theatre which is currently under restoration.


Finike is best known for its abundance of sweet oranges, locally grown in the town.

It has some beautiful areas, including a nice harbour and some delicious local food.

It’s also a town rich in history, and the ancient city of Arycanda can be visited for its intriguing culture.

Nice spots in Turkey
Finike in Turkey
Gulet cruise Croatia

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