Sailing With Gulets – Is It A Myth? How to pick the right one? (New Guide)

Sailing With Gulets – Is It A Myth? How to pick the right one?

Is sailing with gulets really a myth? Well, almost but not really. Sailing with gulets is possible but finding sailing gulet is so limited in number and rare enough that you could compare it with some mythological creature. However, In this post, I’ll explain sailing details with gulets, what to expect and what will your experience be like, at which price does sailing on gulets come and uncover some things you might not like.

1. Sailing with gulets is possible but the number of gulets is limited

Gulets are different than sailing boats.

They are quite large and much heavier so naturally, they need more wind power.

The reality is that some of the gulets can sail very well while others can’t sail at all.

You might be wondering, why is that so?

Well, gulets are primarily crewed motor sailing yachts and they usually travel on a motor.

However, some of the gulets have sails included and with good sailing capabilities.


Now for things, you might not like to hear, but you have to know them.

If you are big sailing enthusiast you have to face the facts that a lot of gulets don’t have the good sailing equipment.

Also, you must know that they usually have a Capitan that is not a sailing expert at all.

So now you understand why this is the main and very important reason why you should inform your agent in your inquiry about your wishes for sailing, not once but twice!

Let us know about your wishes so we can put together a perfect gulet and experienced crew with you can have amazing sailing experience!

2. If the weather is not on your side, you won’t sail!

So let’s say you did everything right way, you informed your agent an about your sailing wishes, we provided you with gulet and experienced crew… But then bad weather comes and ruins the plan. Let me explain… If you come to sail to let’s say Turkey, Greece or any destination that you’ve picked, for seven days but it happens that there is no wind… Unfortunately, you won’t be able to sail. We are of course very sorry if that happens, everything is possible but we or you can’t change the weather. Fact is gulets are quite big boats and they need much stronger wind than let’s say, 40 feet sailing yachts. So fingers crossed wind will be on our side!

Send inquiry and tell us more about your wishes and expectations.

3. If you’ll sail a lot don’t expect miracles from your crew!

Like it’s been said in the begging, Capitan is usually not a sailing expert and you need to inform your agent about your sailing wishes if you want us to provide you with a great experienced crew. Once you get your crew, please give them some break on your sailing holiday. Why is that so, you might wonder…

Well if you decide to sail a lot on your holiday, your entire crew will be focused and occupied with sailing so you can’t expect that after that they will run around serving you champagne and snacks. They will be very invested in keeping you happy while sailing, but they are people too that need a break. Once you stop at some bay, and they get to catch some rest and be energized again 100%.

Also, you should feel free to help them during a sailing procedure, it’s fun and interesting experience for you and you are helping your crew.


4. Let us know what experience you want to have!

Communicating your sailing wishes is very important, and communicating them IN TIME is crucial!

You have to let us know if you want to do super heavy sailing or you are much more interested in nice easy going sailing experience couple of times per week.

If you want to sail a lot and you are more into the heavy sailing it is possible! We can organize this experience for you but it will come at a higher price. So before planning anything, just decide how important sailing is for you on a simple scale from 1 to 10 is.

After you did that, consider how big your budget is and how flexible you are, then we can proceed with planning perfect options for you for an amazing sailing experience!

Prices and budget

Since we already stated that sailing is possible but sailing gulets are very limited. Finding the best option for you come at a bit higher price. Once we make the best offers personalized for you,

Then we proceed with finding a perfect gulet that can sail and a crew that could accompany you on this adventure.


  • If you wish to sail with gulets, let us know on time!
  • Sailing is possible but sailing gulets are very limited!
  • Weather conditions have to be good – sailing gulets need good wind power!
  • The experienced crew will be with you – but from time to time consider giving them a break
  • Sailing is overall an amazing experience!
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