A Day on a Gulet Cruise - What is it like?

How a day on a gulet Cruise feels like?

Will you be bored? Will you like it? Is this for you?

Dive into the cool, refreshing, crystal-clear sea – right off the boat!

Scrumptious breakfast in the warmth of the sun.

Jump on the sea

Swim in the glorious bays or just unwind, relax and rejuvenate.

Sit back and relax as the captain takes you to some amazing places.

Visit private bays and beaches.

Swiming in bays
Talking on gulet
Gulet cruise Turkey

Do something you’ve never done before!

Get your daily adrenaline rush on the open sea.

Do something exhilarating!

Experience the gulet
Turkish villa banana
Jet sky gulet

Dive in the sea or just relax on board with a good book.

You just can’t get views better than that.

Lunch is no small thing!

Read book
Gulet cruise activities
Vesta Sevil 1 dinner

Delicious food all day served by excellent crew!

Visit a new place every day.

Cruise your way.

Eat fresh fish, caught right off the boat!

Take some time and have an after-lunch drink on board watching the calming water below you.

Cruise your way
Fresh fish
After lunch

Catch a tan while you travel to the next amazing location.

Gulet spending some time in amazing locations.

Explore unique towns and wondrous places.

Amazing experience
Gulet Turkey
Exploring city

Visit bays you can only reach by boat.

You just have to jump off the boat once!

Dine in style!

Gulet on bay
Family trip jumping into sea pst
Dinner on gulet

Celebrations are never forgotten!

Endless amounts of fun on a gulet.

Relax, drink, and dine with breath-taking views.

Birthday gulet
Party gulet
Luxury gulet

Sleeping at night is no problem when the world is this quiet…

Get plenty of rest for the next day’s adventures!

An experience you’ll never forget.

Night view gulet
Gulet Mehmet Bugra night
Morning time

Start planning your gulet cruise

Send inquiry and let the gulet expert help you organizing the best cruise holiday of your life.

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