Turkish Gulet' description, amenities, prices And More! (2019 Update)

Get Ready To Be Amazed- Turkish Gulet Types, Prices And More!

Ever wondered what exactly is Turkish gulet? What types of gulets there are and what do they all mean? Or if you are an expert yourself and you already know the answer to previous questions then maybe you want to know more about charter prices in Turkey or how much would it cost you to own a gulet yourself. Well, we have all the answers in one place and more.

So take a bit time off and get informed now!


1. What exactly is a gulet?

Gulet is a traditional mostly wooden sailing vessel. His average size can vary from 20 – 55 meters in size, coming with well-equipped 4 to 8 cabins.

These cabins can accommodate between 6-16 people (sometimes more on special gulets).

Beautiful gulet boats spend most of their time traveling overseas visiting islands, towns, bays and hidden gems. It’s impossible that you’ll get bored!

There are many gulets to choose from and renting one can be difficult because it’s hard to decide which one is perfect for you.

But don’t worry; our experts are there to help you so you can get perfect gulet with a correct crew. (Capitan, Chef, Hostess, Sailor, Waiter.)

Few additional things you should know:

  • You can choose from 3 main categories (Standard, Luxury, and Deluxe). All of them are coming with a professional experienced crew which will ensure that you have the best experience.
  • The crew on board can make or break your holiday experience.
  • Better the conditions of a gulet, higher the price.
  • More services and additional features on a gulet, the more expensive it becomes.
  • There is no dress code on a gulet, but cabins are smaller than hotel rooms so be reasonable with the amount of stuff.
  • Don’t forget; sun cream, sunglasses, swimsuit, few casual outfits, a book and your everyday personal hygiene products.
Jumping from gulet

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2. Gulets from Bodrum

The main characteristics of Bodrum gulets, when compared to others, is, of course, the origin of the gulet but also the shape of the boat.

Gulet types of boats characteristically have their back decks in more round shape and their full bodies are quite close to the water which is nice.

But Bodrum boat builders were not very keen on the idea of keeping this characteristic of round shape so they decided to give it a different edge.

Furthermore now we easily can recognize gulet from Bodrum by its shape at the first sight.

However, it is important to add up how nowadays boat builders both in Bodrum and other regions are paying more attention to other details and how to make luxurious ambience… not focusing just on the shape.

3. Marmaris and Fethiye boat

The other areas Marmaris and Fethiye boat builders realized during a period of time that they can get more boat space if they lift the back deck higher.

Once they lift the back deck it resulted in a sort of like a knife cut shape which is called KETCH type of gulet.

Because of knife-cut shape and lifted up deck; they boat builders manage to place 1 or 2 more cabins at the back deck.

All those cabins have beautiful windows so guests can easily see the water from their cabins and enjoy the view… Typically Ketch Type of boats has their Master cabins, especially at the back deck.

Naturally, this new design affected the boat’s height as well, it is more distanced from the water than regular gulet.

And cabin ceilings are a bit high rather than on standard Gulet Type of boats and have more spacious areas.

4. CHARTER PRICES; we have to know your budget and preferences!

Prices for gulet charter range from 850 up to 1,200 euros per person, per week. Included in the price: charter of a gulet, crew, fuel, full board, and port taxes. However, the budget is flexible as much as you are. Price is different depending on each season and now I will explain more in details.

P.S. We advise you to give us your approximate budget so we can give you the best possible deals. We believe you should be getting more for your money, instead of being overly focused on saving money!


In May and October, prices are lowest and things can be negotiated. October is maybe even the best month for the cruise. There is no big crowd, the sea is refreshing, the weather is not too hot, and there are plenty of gulets to choose from.


In middle season the many bookings are made, which means it’s more expensive. But there is still room for getting good deals. This time is the perfect combination of sunny days and slightly cooler temperatures. But the atmosphere is not as lively as high season.


The highest season is usually the most popular season. You have to find a gulet that provides the best value for the price. If you want to travel during this time, when the sea is warmest and cities are full of life, then you should plan early!

5. Turkish gulet for sale – prices

Costs for gulets really have a huge range. You could get 5 years old gulet, 24 meters long and with 6 cabins, for less than €200.000.  But depending on the quality of gulet prices can go much higher. Best gulets for example luxury 34m Gulet Grande Mare worth is €1,000,000.  It comes with 6 cabins and it can accommodate 12+2 guests. So as you see prices vary a lot.  If you are interested in buying gulet and you want more information about prices and possibilities, send us an inquiry and we will help you.

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6. Luxury high end gulet that sail

I have to be honest sailing with gulets isn’t as easy as sailing with sailing boats.

And there is a simple reason why is that so. Firstly, sailing with gulets is possible but very limited.

Why you may wonder…

Well, gulets are different and heavier than sailing boats, therefore, need much more wind power.

That’s why your sailing adventure depends strongly on the weather.

They are usually motor powered but some of them can sail very well while others cannot.

Here are some of the gulets that can sail: Alessandro, Dulce Mare, Carpe Diem 5, etc. (Check the photos below)

Gulet Bella Mare

Gulet Bella Mare is a perfect example of a Turkish wooden gulet and is a great charter choice for sailing in the comfort of luxury home. Gulet can accommodate up to 12 passengers. En-suite bathrooms are fitted with a hydro-massage shower. In the main saloon are located the comfortable bar-lounge and formal dining area as well as large screen entertainment center.

Gulet Dolce Mare

Dolce Mare is a unique luxury vessel built to the highest standards and she is quite magnificent. The interior decor of gulet is modern offering best accommodation and services, spacious deck, with a lot of relaxing area, Jacuzzi on fore deck, professional crew; guests will definitely have the best time to enjoy.


Gulet Meira

Meira is a newly built sailing yacht that provides real sailing experience. During the cruise, you can enjoy your cruise on 4 sunbathing areas as well as in Jacuzzi on flybridge. Meira has a spacious salon with dining area and living room with the latest entertainment equipment.

To find out more about sailing possibilities on gulets, all details and more sailing gulets

7. Small gulets – for those who seek intimacy

For those who seek privacy and travel in smaller groups, there are small gulets ships on market as well. You can expect very intimate and private experience during the cruise due to gulets sizes and comfort level. Also, your crew on deck will be able to give you personal one on one attention for any help you might need.

Some of the small gulet examples are Düriye, Ceylan, Gulet Artemis & Simay …



Gulet Primadonna is a 21-meter luxury gulet has 3 ensuite master cabins is an ideal choice for smaller groups looking for a unique type of holidays. There will be 3 crew members during your cruise, while captain has more than 10 years of experiences so you will be in safe hands during the whole cruise.

Gulet Ceylan

This is a great gulet for small groups, single families or couples only charters that is reasonably priced. Her deck is spacious allowing plenty of comforts to enjoy a luxury gulet holiday in Turkey. The 3 cabin for 6 person gulet offers her guests great crew services, cabins with air conditioning.

8. Large gulets – For Groups for 18 + people

Now we are talking big numbers! The largest gulets can accommodate more than 18 persons on board! They are usually booked by large families, tours, business meetings, or some other special events that include a lot of people. Size of these gulets ranges from spacious 28 meters and up to 45 meters in length. You will be able to find your own peace of quiet even if there are so many people on deck.


Gulet Kaptan Mehmet Bugra

Gulet Kaptan Mehmet Bugra is a super-luxury yacht that can accommodate 18 guests in 8 cabins. It can cruise in Turkish waters. Kaptan Mehmet Bugra offers the biggest watersports selection. On board the gulet you relax in Jacuzzi that can be filled with sea water or fresh water.

KAYHAN 11 Anchored

Gulet Kayhan 11

The traditionally built luxury gulet Kayhan 11 has with 34 meters generous outdoor deck spaces for a large group to enjoy eating, drinking and sunbathing on an enjoyable cruising holiday.  Five crew members guaranteed great service, great food, and with a range of leisure equipment guests will definitely have the best time on board.

9. Best luxury Turkish gulet – For luxury holiday

These are big 5 stars gulets that come at a higher price, but for a reason! These are the top quality gulets with luxury modern design accommodation. They have lots of fun features, water toys, the best food & best services on deck that will make sure to make your holidays are unforgettable and stress-free! Prepare to be spoiled!

Examples of luxury gulets are: Meira, Daima, Kaptan Kadir, Double Eage etc.


Gulet Mare Nostrum

Mare Nostrum is one of the most popular gulets for charter in Turkey. This beautiful Turkish wooden yacht comes with an amazing chef combined with an experienced crew, which is a perfect recipe for a successful unforgettable cruise holiday!

DAIMA Sailing

Gulet Daima

Daima is a sailing yacht constructed from the finest materials. It has 5 cabins (Master cabin, 2 Double cabins, and 2 Twin cabins) that can accommodate 10 guests. There will be 7 crew members at your disposal during the cruise. You have a vast selection of watersports so you definitely won’t be bored.

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