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How to book a gulet in Croatia?

Don’t jump ahead with steps when it comes to booking a gulet before collecting all the information. Croatia is a gorgeous country that has been gaining popularity in the world over the last years like never before. This is also one of our most popular destinations that our clients end up booking, but besides destination itself and all of its treasures, it’s also important to know how to book a gulet in Croatia. This blog post will help you and give you some crucial staters information that will make your holiday cruise planning way easier in many ways!


1. Know what you are looking for:

a) Before you jump on board of a gulet you have to define your max budget and see how flexible it is so that you can know better what to expect.

b) You also have to tell us the size of the group that is travelling with you. It is good to define a minimum and a maximum number of guests so we can find you a proper gulet that will satisfy you. Even more important than a number of people, is the structure of the group.

It’s important that you define if you are travelling with for example young kids, mixed group or maybe you are the group of seniors… Whatever the structure is it’s important for us to know so we can once again ensure you get the best gulet that will fit your group the most.


c) When you cruise is very important. The period of the cruise is important because each month offers different activities and different atmosphere. Depending on the thing you would prefer to do, see, and how flexible your budget is you can pick from cruising in offseason, mid-season or high season. For more details, information and prices check out our previous post on that topic and click here!

2. Picking the right gulet:

Picking the right and perfect gulet is very important of course. You can explore our page yourself and look into different gulet yachts and check for different budget ranges and sizes and compare and see which one would be perfect for you and your group. However, sometimes the whole search can be overwhelming since there are many gulets to choose from. For this reason, you can always contact us with any questions and we will gladly give you free advice. Once we gather all the information we will come back to you with suggestions on what might be a perfect gulet for you.

3. Picking the best route:

When it comes to deciding where you will cruise, the decision is truly up to you. Whether you are looking to explore central coastal Croatia or visit the islands and hidden bays or combine the two, it’s completely up to you! There are many possibilities to choose and like always you can always ask us for advice or find some info about route examples on our page. One thing is for sure, once you step on board, you will witness and access some of the best locations, beaches and hidden bays Croatia has to offer! Our main mission is to make all your prior wishes came true!

We have 3 main categories for type of cruise to make it simpler for you:

a) Active holidays (scuba diving, water sports, hiking, kayaking rafting, snorkelling)

b) Gourmet holidays (wine tasting tours, best local restaurants, and culinary tours)

c) Holidays for explorers (history tours, guided tours, land excursions, Game of Thrones tours)

Preparation phase starts five weeks before the cruise date. In that period every Goolets client is also assigned a Finalization Expert. This will be your personal assistant or who will take your cruise route and advise you further on:

  • The best places you simply can’t miss
  • Most popular local and touristic activities based on your group preferences
  • How to combine and sort everything all together so that you get the most out of your holiday cruise

4. Organisation and paperwork:

a) Crew Preparation

Step one: Before the cruise starts you will work closely with our gulet experts and they will carefully gather all the information about your food and drink preferences, allergies, strong dislikes, or any special occasions you might be celebrating (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.).

Step two: Once we collected your preferences we and your future crew made sure that everything you requested for is on board. Our aim is that none of the details gets lost on the way to the captain, chef, and other deckhands. One of our specialists will personally meet and double check with every crew member and go over everything that was planned with the crew before you arrive on the gulet.

Any preference details won’t get lost along the way to your crew.

Remember that everything is usually flexible on a gulet cruise.


b) Logistics & Support

Our gulet experts will gladly assist you in any of these matters:

  • Early arrivals or late departures during the check-in or checkout process
  • Transfers from the airport to the gulet
  • Choosing good drinks before the cruise
  • Any special dietary requests you may have
  • Passenger list and transit log organization
  • Arrival information, documents, vouchers, cruise details, ship rules
  •  Accommodation before or after the cruise
  •  Organizing land trips, tours or any extra activities
  •  Support before, during and after the cruise

Gulet experts team


5. Enjoying the cruise

Things you will do on your gulet cruise areas equally important as the things you will see. Possibilities when it comes to activities on gulets are endless! Like we said earlier 5 weeks before your cruise, you are assigned with a personal assistant and he will advise you on all possibilities but for now here are few examples how you can enjoy on a cruise! You have to be a bit of an adventurist at heart since every single day (unless you wish otherwise) you can explore different locations. You can partake in different activities that don’t have to be super extreme like bungee jumping, but a nice hike or bike ride might be something you would enjoy.


Kayaking is always fun!


Stay active and enjoy various water sports!

Water sports activities

On gulet cruise, you can start your day by jumping in from boat in crystal clear warm sea that will definitely wake you up better than any morning shower you ever took! Early morning hours on gulet are one of the most beautiful moments since there soft mellow waves coloured with a tinge of first red and orange colours of sunshine. After such a good start of the day, you will be able to enjoy tasty breakfast, coffee and tea served by your crew that will be at your service when needed. Later you can relax and chill until Captain leads you to next beautiful destination. During that time you might have swim stops on the way to refreshed up in the blues sea and of course, an appetizing lunch will be served too.

Jump in the sea first thing in the morning!

Jumping from gulet

Food on gulets is always a high local quality seasonal food.

You will explore breathtakingly beautiful towns full of history, small island villages, lively sandy or pebble beaches, islands, nature parks and many more… Again this depends on your chosen route and personal preferences.


  • Visit the most beautiful beaches that the Mediterranean has to offer.
  • Stay active, adventurous and go hiking, cycling, kayaking…
  • Go partying on land or on a boat
  • Escape the crowds and enjoy the most beautiful sunsets in the world
  • Do a swim first thing in a morning, enjoy in water sports in crystal blue clear sea
  • Explore towns and small villages, nature parks, museums and many more…
  • Stay on the anchor, have a rest and enjoy in local food and amazing drinks as the night falls

Get the perfect gulet for you!

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