5 reasons why you should try gulet cruise in Greece

5 reasons why you should try gulet cruise in Greece!

We gathered all information and today we will present you with all the top reasons why you should try gulet cruise in Greece. This is a great opportunity for you to learn more about Greece, popular amazing routes and deluxe well-maintained gulets that come along with it. This could be your dream holiday so make sure to plan early and don’t miss out on this beautiful Greek cruise.



1. The food

Greece is home to some of the finest ingredients and dishes in the world. If one of your favourite parts of travelling is trying new local traditional dishes, then get ready for Greek food to amaze you. Everyone can find something for themselves according to your own food preferences as the local diets consist of fresh seafood, vegetables, grains, beans and legumes, and of course, meats (mostly lamb, goat, or pork).

Enjoy an amazing breakfast and lunch with your friends each day!

Enjoy an amazing breakfast and lunch with your friends each day

As the night comes, gather all for dinner.

Dining on gulet

2. A Typical Greek Meal on Gulet:
Olives & olive oil are things Greeks have been cultivating olives for MILLENNI so you can’t miss to try this… Moussaka, Stuffed aubergines cooked in the oven topped with melted feta, Octopus “menu kings” in Greek antiquity are also must try. Keftedes – meatballs with a hint of fresh mint, Yemista – stuffed tomatoes & peppers, Greek yoghurt with candied grapes will amaze you! Local Wines go very well with these dishes and you can always ask for recommendations if unsure about what choice to make.

2. The beaches

Greece is a family holiday favourite and often the reason for that is that it offers clear blue waters and child-friendly beaches. Speaking of beaches they are often placed among the top ten best beaches overall! What is special is the fact that no matter where you cruise each island has its own unique characteristics and beautiful beaches. Our suggestion is to make the most of it and see as many islands as you can. In Greece, you will come across sandy beaches and yet some will be covered with small pebbles. You can enjoy the sun and beautiful calm waters. Your kids can have fun on the beach finding seashells on the coast that you can carry home as a unique souvenir. Also, you will have no problem with finding secluded bays and beaches where you can unwind and relax.

3. The views

How to even say this to correctly emphasize how beautiful Greece truly is… Let’s just say Greece is not only beautiful, it’s also a jaw-droppingly and so mind-blowingly gorgeous you’ll never forget her!  Rugged monumental mountains will amaze you, sunsets will enchant you, olive groves, stunning beaches, and rolling hills of white houses will make you completely fall in love with Greece. There is just so much diversity that spans from ancient yet cosmopolitan cities to more agricultural landscapes full of olive and fig trees.  No matter where your footsteps you will be astounded and amazed with never-ending beauty.

Explore the magnificent ancient ruins.

Greece antique

And stunning coastline places!


4. The history

Besides sheer beauty that Greece offers it’s also a perfect place for a cultural holiday. Since its earliest days, the Greek landscape has been attacked by countless invaders, occupiers and settlers, now it’s often known as a birthplace of theatre, history, philosophy and democracy. Greece’s past is very much visible and a part of its current terrain and the ancient historical ruins scattered across the whole country. Gulet cruise allows you to explore these places and if wished we can also organise your tours by professional guides.



– a group of Greek islands and home to some of Greece’s most important archaeological ruins ranging from traditional cities and villages, Bronze Age cities to Classical temples, Roman towns, Crusader castles… This tour is great for those who want to avoid large crowds and travel in style.
In May, June, September and October
1. “Mykonos – Santorini” explore the most famous spots of Cyclades
2. “Mykonos – Small Cyclades” focused on small peaceful villages and coves

Serifos island, Cyclades

Serifos island Cyclades

Beautiful Santorini view

Santorini island

View of Mykonos town and Tinos island in distance

Mykonos island

Sporades islands are known for their amazing nature, beaches and water sports such as diving and snorkelling. Surrounded by scenic uninhabited isles that frame landscapes.
July and August
Transfer from Athens Airport. The “Mamma mia” green islands, covered with pine trees and nature.

White church in Skopelos, Skopelos island, Greece

White church in Skopelos, Skopelos island, Greece

Enjoy in one of the restaurant on the castle hill in Skopelos town

Enjoy in one of the restaurant on the castle hill in Skopelos town

Or you can stay on gulet and relax

“7 WONDERS ODYSSEY” Greece From East To West

End of June and the beginning of September

HIGHLIGHTS: Aegina island, Epidavros, Corinth canal, Galaxidi (visit of Delfous), Trizonia island, Nafpaktos – Messolongi, transfer back to Athens.

Amazing Panoramic view of Nafpaktos town

Greek town

… a view that words can’t describe!

Landscape-of-Aegina island

Ancient amphitheater Athens Greece


Explore more of the Greek routes we have

Find a perfect route for your and your group preferences

July and August
This place offers a cooler or better to say refreshing summer climate, abundant olive and cypress trees, and green mountains. Here you’ll discover more the amazing bays and beaches and views that are simply breathtaking!
This place offers a cooler or better to say refreshing summer climate, abundant olive and cypress trees, and green mountains. Here you’ll discover more the amazing bays and beaches and views that are simply breathtaking!

Tourists on boats on the Melissani Cave Lake in Sami, Kefalonia

Kefalonia Greece

You can swim in the emerald waters of Agistri Island

Snorkling in bay

Enjoy in sunset on Zakynthos island



May, June, September and October
This route is great for those interested in history since this is an archaeological itinerary. On this route, you’ll visit Argo-Saronic islands and Epidaurus popular for their beaches and ancient ruins, or your captain will lead you to Monemvassia.
Departure will be from Aegina island near Athens.


May, June, September and October
You will visit lovely islands including Milos, Kimolos, Sifnos & Serifos
With the departure from Syros. These islands are ideal for relaxing and more easygoing cruise. West Cycladic houses and the thatch-roofed windmills also make a nice romantic atmosphere.

Gulets Available for these cruises:

Each gulet we’ll present you offers amazing comfort, new design and dose of luxury that will make your cruise experience even better. In Greece, most of the gulets a are all in family run business, what gives you warm home feeling hospitality. Service overall and food on gulets is up to the highest standards and it can be personalised further before your cruise.

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