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Turkey travel advice – Big comeback!

You wanted to go on gulet cruise and your wish was to visit beautiful county Turkey. However, maybe some of you have doubts about this stunning location due to stereotypes or things that happened in past regarding safety measures. But in this post, I’ll break all the stereotypes and doubts you might have, with nothing but facts! Turkey truly made its comeback and it’s ready to shine and show the world all of its beauty.

1. Tourism in Turkey in past and now

Where to even begin…

Well, firstly let ‘s just say right at the beginning how Turkey really has so much to offer to her numerous visitors.

Unfortunately, tourism suffered in last few years because of the political situation that was happening in some parts of the country.

Thought media a mass panic was created and people started to fear travelling. Of course, I’m not trying to say that there was no reason to be afraid in past that today situation is not like that.

Therefore Turkey has recently made a comeback and became one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations.

As matter of fact, it is among top 10 most popular destination in the world.


2. Why the county is safe nowadays


kids on board with view-min

The situation in the country has calmed tremendously and almost all of the parts of Turkey are considered safe for travellers.

Turkish authorities do a very good admirable job of providing safety and they have successfully stopped any attacks that were planned in recent past.

Security is high and you should feel safe as long follow the advice from local authorities and keep out of small areas in the county located near the border with Syria.

Turkey in general is a modern country with that blends culture of the East and West that you shouldn’t be afraid of visiting. So relax and because Turkey has amazing things to offer.

3. The admirable beauty of Turkey!

Once we defined that there is no true reason to fear travelling to Turkey and broke the stereotypes

It’s time to add up more reason why to visit this country.

Turkey has very hospitable friendly people that are accepting of tourists. Also, you’ll taste one of the greatest dishes and don’t make even start about fun ice cream sellers that put up a whole show before serving you one, or Turkish coffee that would wake up anyone!

And of course, there are many stunning lively historic towns to visit such as Bodrum, Gocek, Antalya, Marmaris, Fethiye… To experience genuine authentic life in Turkey you can visit domestic Turkish villages. Nature there is purely amazing and offers a range of activities. (Hiking, biking, climbing…) Turkey coast also has one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in the world followed by resorts that are surrounded by the clear turquoise sea.

Street In Old Datca, Mugla, Turkey

Stay active on your cruise and have fun!

View of Bodrum harbour and Castle of St. Peter

4. You will get the best deals in Turkey!

Turkey has stunning beaches, great food, and friendly local people and now it offers some of the best value holiday options! So why not use the opportunity to save up some money on your cruise that you could invest in something else, for example a better service on a gulet or best quality food.

Enjoy dinner at this luxury interior!

Diner with the best view !

Tasty Turkish food, I can almost feel the smell through the screen!

gulet in bay

5. Gulet charter options

An interesting fact is that gulets actually originated in Turkey. Now you can find more than 1500 gulets for charter in Turkey.

Naturally, this means you’ll easily find some gulet perfect for yourself when you have such big range of gulets.

You can choose from luxury gulets to standard one if you are no so much about luxury. Since a number of gulets are so high, that means competition is quite big on the market but that is good news for you!

In Turkey, you can get the best quality gulets for the most affordable price than anywhere else! So if your goal for gulet cruise has an amazing holiday, have an excellent quality gulet and get the best deal, then Turkey gulet cruise is the best option for you!

Learn more about Turkey cruise possibilities right now!


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