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Top 5 reasons for differences in gulet price

Ever wondered and got confused why there is such large difference between different gulet? Some answers to that question are more obvious than others, however, in this post, I’ll explain in details what makes one gulet way more expensive than the other. You have to face the facts before you start planning. So sit back and relax while you get informed by this easy-read post. 



Gulet is a traditional mostly wooden sailing vessel has an average size that varies from 20 – 55 meters in size.

In his interior, it offers well-equipped 4 to 8 cabins that have everything to ensure you have comfortable experience on your holiday.

These cabins can accommodate between 6-16 people (sometimes even more up to 36 guests on special large gulets).

Plus of course, you can’t expect you will fit 12 people on smaller gulet that is predetermined for a group of 6 people. So be realistic.

Furthermore, if you think about it, to you maybe 23 meters and 26 meters does not look like a big of a difference – but on a gulet, it can be!

The more meters there is the more space there is on deck for your comfort and pleasure.

Check the gulet examples below!




Like it’s been said at the beginning gulets are mostly wooden vessels. Even though wood is good and light material, it needs huge maintenance and delicate renovations every year. And well, that costs a lot of money…

Fact is that more expensive gulets have their owners who obsess over maintenance of their gulets because they invested a lot of money in creating them.

Also, the owner wants to keep the high standard and offer the best to their guests because once the bar is set up high it has to stay high or only go higher.

Truth is, owners who obsess over these things spend a ridiculous amount of money every year and results shows.

To conclude, higher priced gulet means better maintenance, and “high shine” factor. So watch out on gulets condition!

3. THE CREW! The most important factor!

Maybe this should be written in cap lock, but hear me out really good…

A crew can make or break your holiday cruise experience!

If you don’t believe me, just imagine for a second that you arrive at your perfect gulet all excited for your cruise, and you realise that Capitan or rest of the crew don’t speak English, waiters slack around, Chef is serving you below average food that doesn’t match with your wishes… Sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it?

The crew on board is extremely important, even more than gulet itself.

Superstar chef with years of experience or a truly amazing skipper cost more. That is the fact!

Quality of your crew will affect the final price of a gulet cruise.



gulet in bay

Some gulets are very popular and they have been on the market for 10+ years. Those gulets have a good reputation and they are known for their success stories. For example beautiful gulet Nautilus or Queen Lila, there are of course many more examples.

They have super strong brand created and due to that fact 80% of weeks are booked even 1 year in advance. Naturally, this is the reason why they come at a higher price due to their exclusivity.

However, it is important to highlight that more expensive gulet does not always mean you will get a better gulet due to that higher price point. Now you might be confused and ask; how will I then know what I’m paying for??

Well, for that reason it is important to have a “salesperson” that will tell you where your money goes and when you are paying for quality and when you are paying for “brand”!

I saw it happen many times that extremely good gulet due to bad marketing is poorly booked, and for that reason, his price will be lower. So don’t make the price points the main lead in deciding which gulet to choose.


There are many different ways and tactics to save money, like booking last minute or cursing fewer days, etc.

But you shouldn’t try to save money on your service, I mean in theory you can, but I wouldn’t recommend it at all.

For example, if you pay more for a gulet and then you are usually guaranteed with a professional crew, experienced Capitan and a Chef. You truly can expect the top quality service in every way!

However, I’m not trying to say that if you paid less for a gulet that you are stuck with a bad low-quality crew. That’s not the case at all!

Getting a good deal on gulet you still can have an amazing crew, good quality food and overall service.

But be careful and check things before agreeing & buying anything, because cheaper gulet sometimes truly can mean that they are saving money on service quality!


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