Ultimate overview of magical Blue Voyage in Turkey (New Guide)

A complete ultimate guide to magical Blue Voyage in Turkey

Which gulet yachts to consider? Charter prices of Turkish gulet? What to see? Things to do?

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 Turkey is the homeland of a blue cruise or blue voyage. Due to the vast range of gulets in this large country, it is not so easy to find the perfect one, the best itinerary and pick the right activities that will make all the people on board happy. So if you are planning a gulet cruise to Turkey and you are looking for information about where to go, things to see and things to do during the cruise then you should read this post until the end.

Blue voyage
Gulet charter in Turkey
Harbor in Bodrum Town

Turkey is a country with an approximate population of over 79 million people. The country is surrounded on the north with the Black Sea, the Aegean Sea to the west and the Mediterranean Sea to the south. Turkey is close neighbors with Iraq, Georgia, Syria, Armenia, and Azerbaijan.

Turkey is the homeland of gulets, with the gulet’s origin that can be traced to the southwestern coast of Turkey. Gulets were precisely designed and built in the coastal towns of Bodrum and Marmaris. Nowadays, the gulet cruise is a popular attraction for tourists who visit county for a great and exciting sailing holiday.

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A panoramic landscape in Marmaris region

1.) Blue Voyage Itineraries in Turkey

a) Bodrum – Marmaris

The cruise begins in Bodrum, which is a city full of history, whose main attraction is the castle that is today a Museum of Underwater Archaeology. From Bodrum, you’ll sail to Knidos – a very ancient city thought that dates back 5000 years BC, and its rich and ancient architectural sights are plentiful. Moving on after the archeological adventure in Knidos is Dacta, Dacta is a serene fishing village which prides itself on its vast and numerous waterside restaurants. The cruise then proceeds to the Gulf of Hisaronu which has beautiful scenery of nature and is an ideal spot for a great swim and use of watersports. Moving further, the cruise makes a stop at Orhaniye & Selimiye which is a calm city that offers the unrivaled traditional authentic Turkish experience. There you’ll find plenty of cafés and restaurants to satisfy your cravings. Finally, the small town of Bozburn & Turnc will thrill you with its amazing fishing boats and simple but classic restaurants where you can try local food.

b) Marmaris – Fethiye – Marmaris

The town of Marmaris will kick start your exotic cruise and its impressive show of restaurants and its famous loud bar street will get you in the mood. After Marmaris, you’ll sail to the beautiful Gulf of Ekinick & Daylan Trip which has an exotic 1300m coastline. There you can admire amazing backdrop of lush hills and relaxing beaches next is the Tersane Island – Manastir – Kizilada which is a great place to relax and take a swim the cruise will then proceed to Fethiye. Fethiye features an exciting water fountain, rock tombs and a museum you can visit. further forward is the Yassica Island which is a cluster of small islands that you can swim around and explore like never before.

Fethiye Turkey
Boat cruising in sea of Marmaris, Turkey
Bodrum harbor and Castleby night

c) Bodrum – Hisaronu Bay – Bodrum

Bodrum will spice up your cruise with a party atmosphere and incredible lively market where you could have fun shopping and haggling prices. Next up is Knidos – a very ancient city full of rich ancient architecture. Moving on after the archeological adventure in Knidos is Dacta, Dacta is a serene fishing village which prides itself in its vast and numerous waterside restaurants. Further down your cruise is the famous Bencik Bay & Fjord which many yachtsmen claim is the ultimate anchor dock and you cannot afford to miss the dozens of anchorages present on either side of the small fiord that extends 1.5miles. Moving on is Orhaniye & Selimiye is which is a calm city that offers the unrivaled raw Turkish experience and a myriad of café and restaurants to satisfy your cravings. Finally, the agriculture-rich town of Bozburn will thrill you, the best part is where you get to see traditional gulets being built.

d)Lycian Coast – Kekova 

Your cruise will start at a quiet island Göcek in the harbor which is convenient to stay first overnight prior next day’s departure towards Kekova. You will be able to visit Gemile island, the island of sailors, Olü Deniz the most photographed beach in Europe! Also, you will be visiting Butterfly Valley that is home to roughly 100 species of butterflies. Your next stop along the cruise will also be Kaş a very cute little fishing, diving, yachting and tourist town. It is a very attractive center nearly with thirty colorful divings spots. And of course, we have to mention Kekova a dreamland for cruisers and a very popular anchorage for sailors. Kekova island and the town of Kale ( ancient Simena ); offers a combination of sunshine, swimming, and fascinating historic ruins. The best attraction is Lycian sunken city and some remains from the Byzantine times.

Gulet in bay

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2.) Exciting Activities to Engage in While Cruising In Turkey

a) Bodrum

  • Visit the magnificent castle of St. Peter, enjoy the historic sites, rich architecture and the magnificent museum. This is a must visit place while touring Bodrum.
  • Visit the Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology. Enjoy the beautiful underwater museum with a lot of ancient ships on display
  • Enjoy a warm stroll and the warm sands of the Bitez Beach when you visit Bodrum.
  • Have fun with Bodrum nightlife
bodrum hisaronu

b) Datca

• Hayltbuku Plajl: take a stroll, relax and enjoy this exotic beach in Datca.
• Vineyard & Winery: treat your taste buds to the exotic and different winery in Datca.

c) Bencik

• Caria Silk: enjoy shopping for gifts and souvenir in this wonderful gift shop
• Kizlan Mills: admire the architectural buildings and ancient ruins on a tour of the Kizlan Mills.

Gulet view

Anchoring on bay

d) Selimiye

• Piano Bar Selimiye: discover the bars and clubs. Relax with the jazz and piano melody in the background while you have a drink.
• Selimiye dive /center-Day Adventures: if Scuba & snorkeling is your thing, then this is the place to be.

e) Marmaris

• Marmaris Marina: go on an exciting jet ride in this exotic and serene private marina in Marmaris
• Dancing fountain: delight in the exotic fountain of a waterfall on display.

f) Fethiye

• Sarkikent Milli Parki: take a tour around the canyons and have fun in the national park.
• Kayakoy: this lonely ghost town features a wide array of archeological and historic artifacts on display.

g) Oludeniz

• Babadag: take an adventurous trip and climb up the peaks of the mountains.
• Blue Lagoon: take a swim in the pristine blue lagoon or take a stroll at the edge of the amazing beach scenery.

Luxury gulet
Luxury gulet Turkey

h) Kalkan

• Xantos – Lycan Antique City: take a tour around the ancient ruins and history of the Antique City.
• Boat tours – take a trip on a boat and see the amazing and lush green hills of the Kalkan.

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3.) Gulet Categories in Turkey

a) Standard Turkish Gulets

This range of gulet variants are ideal for you if you have a tight budget and still want to have a good time. Below are some of its features:
• Prices in June – September: 500-750€ weekly for each person
• Prices in July – August: 800-1000€ weekly per person.
• Prices in October and May are open to negotiation based on your budget
• Air-condition in every cabin
• Cabins can vary from 4 up to 16
• Good meals, uniformed crew, and super comfortable cabins

Front view
Gulet sailing
Gulet Kugu 1

Examples of Standard gulets from Turkey:


Kugu 1 features a great crew, a spacious deck and wonderful sailing abilities with a fully air-conditioned gallery and a well-equipped galley.
Size: width=24 meters length= 6.73 meters
Number of cabins: 6 cabins. Maximum of 12 guests.
Crew members: 4
Price per week: starting from 5495€


The Salmakis is a very large, beautiful and spacious gulet with lovely woodwork and pristine honey colored pine interior. It features, an English speaking crew and nice meal service.
Size: width=30 meters length= 6.8 meters
Number of cabins: 6 cabins for guests. Up to 16 clients.
Crew members: 3
Price per week: starting from 7000€

Gulet Salmakis
Gulet boat

b) Luxury gulets from Turkey

For luxury gulets, you can either rent the whole gulet or rent just a cabin. The cabin features 3 categories: standard, Deluxe, and Luxury gulet cruises.
• Price can range from 1000€ for a cabin to €50000 for the whole gulet for each person per week. In off seasons, you may find lower prices
• World-class service and cuisine
• Luxury accommodation
• VIP activities like a Jacuzzi
• Excellent crew and food service

Examples of Luxury Gulets:


Osman Kurt is a deluxe classic wooden ketch based in Bodrum Marina. It presently operates along the Aegean coast in Turkey. The exotic cabin is comfortable and can cater to up to 16 guests.
Size: width=33 meters length= 7.45 meters
Number of cabins: 8 cabins for guests. Up to 16 clients.
Crew members: 4
Price per week: starting from 7000€

Gulet Osman Kurt
Gulet Kayhan 8


Kayhan 8 is a traditional Turkish gulet in Fethiye Harbor. It features a large and comfortable salon area, a fully equipped entertainment system, spacious and air conditioned cabins, great meal service and a very competent crew.
Size: width=30 meters length= 7 meters
Number of cabins: 6 cabins for guests. Maximum of 12 guests.
Crew members: 4
Price per week: starting from 10.150€


The Dear Lila has a well-furnished and air-conditioned interior and luxury double beds on each side. The salon is big and surrounded with windows that allows for natural lighting. The entertainment system is top class and the meal is awesome.
Size: width=30 meters length= 7.8 meters
Number of cabins: 6 cabins for guests. Maximum of 12 guests.
Crew members: 4
Price per week: starting from 9450€

Gulet Dear Lila

c) Deluxe gulets in Turkey

Deluxe gulets are nothing short of the best gulets that Turkey can offer with the best food, entertainment, amenities, and crew service that you’ll ever find.
• Best gulet services, accommodation, and amenities
• Prices in May and October starts from around 1000€ per each person every week
• July and August prices range from 1500-3000€ per person each week
• June and September rates start from 1,250-2500€ per person, per week.

Example of Deluxe Gulets


The Dea Del Mare features one of the finest crews in a very spacious and exotic cabin. Also, a wide range of water toys on board to keep the fun going. All cabins are fully designed and air-conditioned.
Size: width=28 meters length= 6.90 meters
The number of cabins: 5 cabins for guests. Maximum of 10 guests.
Crew members: 4
Price per week: starting from 9450€

Sailing Turkey
Gulet from Turkey


The wicked Felina is wicked for all the right reasons. This large super luxury deluxe yacht is a beauty to behold which features an enormous dining area, bar, resting area and a fully equipped air conditioned cabin. The crew on board are also some of the best that you’ll ever see.
Size: width=34 meters length= 7.15 meters
Number of cabins: 5 cabins for guests. Maximum of 10 guests.
Crew members: 5
Price per week: starting from 17.500€

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