Rent A Crewed Sailboat in Croatia

Rent A Crewed Sailboat in Croatia

A crystal clear sea, little islands, beyond appetizing dishes, historic walled and ancient towns… are just one of the few things that would describe Croatia. It only takes one visit to completely fall in love with this place and want to come back. The best way to experience it all and see the most of it by renting a sailing boat and going on an adventure. Croatia Private Charter is the best combination of nature, history, beaches, islands, amazing food and lots of fun things you can do. If you are unfamiliar with what gulet type boats are, what are the prices, sailing options and other private charter options, you came to the right place!

What is a gulet

1. What is a gulet type boat?

You might be new to gulets, and wonder what gulet type boats are? So to make it easier for you, gulet is a wooden classic yacht built with origin from the southwestern coast of Turkey and some can sail while others cruise. The average size would be in a range of 20 to 30 meters featuring 4 to 8 cabins. Gulets are used mostly for private charter in different destinations all over the world. But finding and booking a perfect gulet for private charter can be demanding at times. You will need to learn more about the categories of gulets and the difference between each one, also how to prepare before, and during the cruise as well as the service on board. To avoid losing time you can contact us and some of the gulet experts will get in touch with you and help you out with this.

Enjoy with your family and friends!


Take it easy and relax…



All gulets come with a crew on board that can define your trip. An excellent crew on board is important because they will make sure your cruise is much more enjoyable overall. Picking a right crew is even more important than picking a perfect gulet. Having an experienced and knowledgeable captain who is flexible and knows how to sail to the all the best places is also very important. A number of crew members will be decided by the size of the gulet.

Gulet sailboat

Gulet sailboats and sailing yachts are also different from standard sailboats; they are larger in size and heavier so they need more wind power for good sailing experience.

Also, you should know that gulet boats are all in general motor sailing yacht that usually travels on a motor.

However, there are some of them that have sailed too with good sailing capabilities.

To summarise, there are gulet sailboats that can perform very well and there will be a crew on board that will also help you if you are not experienced in sailing but willing to try it.

For more details the pros and cons of gulets sailboats you can read in our previous blog post.

What is the best way to book a gulet for private charter in Croatia?

The best way to book a gulet is first to educate yourself from our site about the product at least the basics and make sure you get the gulet that suits your wishes!

After you get an idea of what you and your group wish you can contact us and send us an inquiry and someone from our team will assist you.

We will listen to all of your wishes, preferences, and expectations and help you pick the gulet, get category and itinerary that fits your vacation schedule, tastes, and budget. Our gulet experts will also discuss what would you like to see, food preferences, experience and organized accordingly.

Few weeks before cruise you will be assigned with personal assistant your local representative that will be at your disposal even during and after the cruise.


In different destinations, the prices are calculated in a different way. In Croatia, there is a smaller number of gulets in general when compared to Turkey for example.

A Smaller number of gulets is one of the reasons why Croatia is a bit more expensive than destination such as Turkey, along with higher prices of food and drinks in Croatia. This is why it’s good to know how big or flexible your budget is.

Prices also vary on time of the year, gulet category, size and maintenance but all in all price comes to around 799 – 1486 € per person per week.  However, it’s guaranteed that Croatia is one of the most amazing places for sailing and cruising and the best holiday destination a person can have.

What is the best way to book a gulet for private charter in Croatia?

When it comes to private charters, the biggest issue in Croatia is that you are not allowed to bring your drinks on board with you. You can either have the all-inclusive option, with paying drinks from the bar or pay a corkage fee to the owner, who will then allow you to bring drinks with you.



Spacious saloon area with a lot of natural light.

Salon view of gulet Maske

Beautiful bedrooms with the light modern decor.

Maske Cabin


Spacious deck are for your enjoyment and relaxation.

Jump in the sea and have fun!



There are many water toys available.

Visit beautiful bays reachable by sea only!

Gulet Pacha available for private charter in Croatia


Soak up the sun on the deck and relax.

Unique sailing experience on Slano

Sail away to the most beautiful places!

Sailing Croatia with Slano


Nice outdoor dining area for you and your group.

Dining area

Cosy bedrooms for your relaxing.

Gulet Barba cabin



Feel the breeze on the spacious deck!

Sailing experience on Rare Avis

High standard of luxury can be seen in interior and exterior.

High standard cabin on Rare Avis


Gorgeous modern salon area.

There is plenty of space on deck.

Flybridge Corsario


Traditional decor of comfortable cabins.

Cabin view of Lauran

Cheers to new sailing adventures!

Lauran Whisky

Get the perfect gulet for you!

Send us your wishes and get free gulet expert assistance!

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