5 Benefits You Can Get From Early Booking

5 Benefits You Can Get From Early Booking

Blue cruise concept is one one of the most attractive in tourism as of now when it comes to quality and amount of relaxation you experience. With such concept, you get to see the most of what certain county (Croatia, Turkey, Greece, and Italy) has to offer in the shortest period of time all while having the best time of your life! Because of ongoing popularity, success and happy costumers returning for more early booking are often crucial if you want to get the most out of this offer.

We will present you with some big benefits of early booking and why you should consider planning early.



1. Offers

– With early booking may be the biggest advantage is that you have most of the gulets still available.

You don’t have to worry about missing out on your dream gulet. Even if you don’t have an eye on some gulet, out gulet experts have a bigger range of choices to recommend you according to your wishes. This means there is a greater chance of us helping you find perfectly fitting gulet.

Choices are unlimited with Early Booking concept so this is the reason we would recommend it compared to last minute where options are limited.

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2. Satisfaction rates

– According to our statistics over recent years even though with last minute bookings you get a bigger discount, clients reported having the biggest satisfaction who booked Early. This proves that getting a most affordable deal isn’t necessarily guarantee for the best holiday of your life. You have to be sure lower prices does not also mean lower quality of the gulet!

– Also, you can get cheaper flight tickets (since there are more available options)!


3. Flexibility with planning

When booking »Early« you have a lot of time for planning the cruise and everything is flexible! Where you do and what do you do on your cruise is equally, if not even more important than picking a perfect boat! By booking early you have more than enough plan to ask as many questions as you have, seek for advice and recommendations from our gulet expert who will gladly assist you. You will get 100% tailor-made offers and an incredible value for money. Not to mention, plenty of time for an organization with minimal stress and rushed out decisions.

4. Something to look forward to

–If you enjoy counting down the days till your mega holiday than early booking is just an extra reason why you should do it! During those cold days having a planned holiday gives you the boost of looking towards summer!

Cruising on gulets is one of the most unique ways to spend your holidays! Don’t miss out and do an early booking!


Relax, unwind and soak up the sun!



Most of the time clients are not aware of this, but booking with us can save you lots of money when it comes to your holiday’s organizations. You can also book early and save money! This means you can start from June till April for the next season, while some people even book almost 1 year in advance.

During the season we will gather information about gulets and owners that have the best services, crews, food, vessels and those we had a significant amount of business in the past. By doing so we have the perfect combination of gulets and we can 100% guaranteed satisfaction and the best possible price. This way you can get the best value for the money!

So how do you save your money if you book early?

By booking early you will get the special rates! They are available exclusively from the best gulets and their owners because of the long-term business cooperation we share.

Our suggestion: if you have the chance we would recommend you to book Early instead of for example last minute booking. You will get a simillar discount than last minute, but you will have a bigger selection of gulets and at the end and satisfaction will be higher for sure.

Get the perfect gulet for you!

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