Packing for gulet cruise - What should I bring with me on gulet?

Packing for gulet cruise – What should I bring with me on gulet?

Packing for any type of holidays is quite important. However pack light for gulet cruise is essential because after all, you’re at sea and most likely you’ll spend most of the time in the water and lounging about under the sun, plus it’s easier to carry around light luggage. Also, try to use a soft so you can fold it if necessary. Gulets are equipped with just basic essentials just like hotel rooms. (It consists of more or fewer towels, bedding, soap and toilet paper.) For this reason, we made this blog post guide on what to pack when you go on a gulet cruise so you are 100% ready for the occasion. Right from the start, we want to point out that emphasis is on feeling and being comfortable!

1. Cabin size & Clothes


Cabins on board of gulets are not as large as hotel rooms so naturally, it is a good idea to pack light like we stated in beginning.

When speaking about clothes you should opt for more casual informal clothes, light-weight loose materials and natural fibres.

It’s important that you are comfortable during the whole cruise.

Of course, some nice “fancier” clothes for evening trip around the city or restaurant dinner are a good idea – but all this is completely optional.

However, there is no dress code on gulet and there is absolutely no need for tuxedos on a gulet cruise.

Also if you are travelling in April to mid-May to the end of October,  sweater type clothing, long sleeve and perhaps a pair of long pants might be needed since the temperature is changing and evenings can become colder.

2. So here is a list of must-have items to pack for a pleasant cruise:

  • Swimming suit! Not just one but two, so while one is drying you have another one available. This one is super important not to forget because you will be visiting many beautiful beaches and bays!
  • Sun cream! Sun can become strong during summer days and since you’ll be spending lots of time on a beach under the sun it is important to use SPF
  • Sunglasses and a ha
  • A couple of casual shirts, pants or summer dress
  • Your favourite book that you maybe haven’t managed to finish
  • Personal toiletries, everything you need for personal hygiene and other personal care and beauty product
  • Medication
  • Chargers for all of your electronics.
  • Mosquito repellent in spray or cream just in case so you can have relaxing nights.

A hat will keep you out of the direct sun!

A swimsuit is a must!

A good pair of sunglasses will be in handy.

girl sunglasess

Keep it casual and have fun!

Jumping from gulet

3. The optional and additional things you should consider to pack:

  • Music and/or DVD movies that you love and prefer. There is generally an iPod connection via USB available on gulets so you can watch movies and listen to your favourite songs during the cruise. But this you can check in advance with us.
  • Flip-flops! This is ideal for wearing on board but also when going to the beach. The deck can get quite hot under the sun and it can be very uncomfortable for walking barefoot.
  • A small backpack or purse for those days you are planning to head out on land excursions on trips to national parks etc.
  • Shampoo that suits your hair needs. Sometimes the gulet charter will provide you with shampoo but it might not be ideal for your hair type if you want to keep your routine don’t forget to bring your own shampoo.
family on boat
  • Bring a camera and capture all memories! Maybe phone camera will be enough for some of you but you should consider bringing some kind of camera because there will be many gorgeous destinations, towns, islands, beaches, bays, landscapes that would be a shame not to capture.


If you maybe forget some of the mentioned items or you run out of some during the cruise, there will be time and place to buy that stuff again in towns along the way.


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