Luxury small-ship cruise the Greek islands 2019 (Updated)

Luxury small-ship cruise – Greek islands 2019

Beautiful Ancient Greece is a gorgeous cruise destination; particularly magical are the Greek islands that you can explore the best by sea. Greece has such big regional and architectural diversity so naturally, there are lots of different possibilities to be explored. The country is simply full of history, endless coastline, idyllic islands, cultural happenings, crystal clear sea and sun-bleached ruins that reflect the sun. The Greek culture today is livelily followed by passionate music, delicious cuisine and vast activities. Continue reading and find out about who is this cruise is for, itinerary, things to do, small luxury ships, and more!

MSY Sir Winston Churchill

2. Luxury comes in small packages – Small Luxury Ships

Only a handful of boats are available to cruise among the Greek islands so you have to be fast and plan early so you can take advantage of this opportunity not tomorrow but today!

If this is your dream cruise don’t let it slip always!

You’ve been hearing only about the advantages of this cruise, but there is one disadvantage to this.

As we said there is only a handful of ships to choose from, and only a few Greek boats are departing from Athens or some port nearby.

5 cabins for 10 guests
45.000 – 55.000 €

Zelda is a 40-meter luxury gulet yacht comes with 6 professional crew members at your disposal. Gulet Zelda features a big unique cushioned area on the sundeck, design and exterior designed by Taka Yacht.

4 cabins for 8 guests
28.000 – 36.500 €

Glorious II is a 36-meter luxury gulet yacht available for private charter in Greece. She can accommodate up to 8 guests in 4 cabins with 6 of crew members at your disposal. Glorious II features a flybridge and offers a vast choice of watersports to choose from too.

5 cabins for 10 guests
22.750 € – 31.500 €

Magical Rhodes islands could be your next summer destination, and if so, gulet Ecce Navigo is an ideal choice to consider. A very experienced captain will show you all the most beautiful places on the map.

5 cabins for 11 guests
29.750 € – 38.000 €

Motor sailing yacht Arktos is a newly built traditional wooden schooner. A professional but friendly crew will be at your service throughout the cruise so the best experience is guaranteed.

4 cabins for 9 guests
14.000 € – 17.500 €

Ece Arina gulet is a 24 meter deluxe built in 2013. Guests can choose from 2 master cabins, 2 twin cabins and 1 single cabin – ideal for children to accommodate a total of 9 persons.

Search & find the best small ship to rent in Greece

3. Itinerary

Here you will be presented with an example of an itinerary for an unforgettable Greek cruise. This truly is an experience you will hardly find anywhere else, so you should definitely consider this amazing opportunity! Please just do remember that everything can be personalized by your wishes.

Ancient amphitheater Athens Greece

DAY 1 Athens, Greece

Piraeus is the biggest main port of Athens and in Greece in general and this is where your cruise will start and end. While boarding on your luxury ship you will be greeted with welcome drinks. After a toast, you will be welcomed by a friendly and professional crew that will be at your service on this unforgettable journey. If you are traveling with an unknown larger group this is also a great time to meet your passengers. Captain will also explain the layout of the boat so you can settle down with your luggage easily. Moving on, after that Captain will briefly repeat the planned out route, and after that, you can relax or go to explore the wonders that Athens offers since you will be staying there overnight. And no visit to Athens would be complete without a visit to the Acropolis!

DAY 2 Delos, Mykonos, Greece

After delicious breakfast, you will head to Mykonos but there will be an opportunity for an optional morning tour to the archaeological site of Delos. On the way to the port of Tourlos in Mykonos, you will get an opportunity to jump in and swim in the warm beautiful sea. After swimming stop, a  lunch will be prepared by your Chef and you can truly expect the freshest food infused by herbs and spices. After lunch, you’ll get a free afternoon and evening to enjoy the beauty and lifestyle of the islands. Watch the sunset that reflects all the golden tones and hues of the sea and the white-washed houses, chapels and windmills of Mykonos. It will be a picture-perfect view.! As the night comes, after the delicious dinner you can explore islands streets on cliffs above the sea until the next adventure.

Mykonos Beach at sunset


Let our experts help you find the best option for you



DAY 3 Santorini

After appetizing breakfast full of fresh fruits and all the thing that will get you energized and ready for the new day you will head to Santorini.

This place is probably the first place that comes to your mind when hearing about Greece. But did you know that this magical place was created by collapsed crater back in the 16th century?

Well, here you can experience the stunning unique volcanic landscapes, multihued volcanic beaches and beautiful views of the Aegean sea and more!

Upon arriving you will have lunch on board.

After lunch, you can if you please go on wine tours, visit stunning villages and snow-white houses mixed with blue domes of churches.

And of course, we cannot forget about the sunset!

When the sun sets the fire-red and orange glow reflects on the steep cliffs and snow-white buildings a true masterpiece image is created.

Dinner will wait on you on your ship prepared by your Chef on board.

Ater that, your Captain will lead you on an overnight sail to Crete while you sleep on tightly.

Greece coast cerete

DAY 4 Crete Rethymnon

Morning arrival will be at Crete’s famous and lively port of Rethymnon.

Firstly you will be enjoying a cup of coffee or a tea followed by delicious appetizing breakfast.

After such morning ritual with the best view, you’ll have an optional tour to the ancient city of Knossos near Heraklion. Explore the mysterious labyrinthine ruins whereas the legends say, the monstrous Minotaur, a half-man half-bull creature lived.

You can also choose to visit some of the beautiful white sand beaches and soak up the sun, read a book and simply unwind. At night time dinner will be prepared and served, and after you’ll have a late departure for Kythira. Overnight at sea.

DAY 5 Kythira island

Why not skip traditional morning shower and just jump in the sea instead? There are no rules! After breakfast, you’ll have a swim stop so take this opportunity to have fun and don’t forget to test out amazing water toys! Such productive morning and loads of fun in the sea make people hungry. But don’t despair since your Chef and crew will serve the tasty dishes with food that will please even the toughest crowds. In afternoon you’ll arrive in Kythira. Even though it is not big hot spot as Santorini his beauty is being more and more appreciated by the visitors in Greece for its beauty and peaceful atmosphere. Visit one of the most beautiful beaches, we recommend the stunning Beach Canal that is like paradise on earth. Late afternoon you can use to explore the picturesque town. The overnight stay also will be at the Kythira.

Diving in crystal clear water
Enjoy an amazing breakfast and lunch with your friends each day

DAY 6 Monemvassia | Nafplion

After delightful early morning breakfast accompanied with morning coffee and relaxation under the shade of the boat, Captain will lead you to Monemvasia.

This is a remarkable hidden medieval ‘Fortress Town’ and its name translated means “single entrance”.

You’ll have time to explore the preserved Byzantine and Venetian architecture and experience the traditional life of the local people.

The beauty of this place will leave you amazed!

After lunch, you’ll depart for Nafplion, with a swim stop on the way.




Around evening time you’ll arrive at Nafpilo seaport town in the Peloponnese.

Discover dream trails that lead to gorgeous medieval Old Town center with its charming narrow streets and historic buildings.

Also, worth of the visit is impressive medieval Palamidi Castle with 999 steps.

So get ready for a decent workout but we promise that the payout once you reach the top will be good!

After the active day, you can relax on a ship along with beautifully served dinner. You will spend a night anchored in Nafplion.

DAY 7 Nafplion | Hydra

After the morning breakfast, you will have an optional tour to Mycenae, the walled fortress of Agamemnon. This is truly an impressive historic Fortress from the Bronze age. The site is framed with intact lion gates, burial sites, cave, and epic views.

Of course, don’t forget the Kings Tomb down the hill. In early afternoon after the first stop, you will depart for the islands of Hydra. This time you can use for relaxing on the deck, reading a book, or whatever else you please to do.

You will have enough of time for leisure and adventurous exploration of this picturesque town since you will stay here overnight. If you please you can experience the great nightlife Hydra offers, we recommend a place called “Amalour”. When you get tired to head back at the peaceful port and rest on your ship.

greece gulet

DAY 8 Athens

This is the last day of your cruise as you’ll head back to the Athens. Now you can come back home with great experiences and even greater memories! After breakfast, you can say goodbyes to your beloved crew and Captain and head back home until the next time.

4. Things to do on a cruise

You may fear that 7 days cruise (or more) can get boring, what will you do while your yacht is taking you to your next destination? Or what will you do during all the stops along the cruise? Well, the good news is, 5 weeks before your cruise, you are assigned with personal assistant and possibilities are endless. However, if you lack inspiration or ideas, here is a short list of “things to do”!

  • Enjoy the most beautiful sunsets in the world that look like a photo from the postcard
  • Stay active and have fun with diverse water toys
  • Do a swim first thing in a morning, or whenever you please like it
  • Explore the towns, villages, nature parks, islands, and more
  • Don’t shy away from meeting new people and locals!
  • Read your favourite book you haven’t had a chance to finish
  • Go hiking, cycling or spend a day sunbathing on the beach
  • Stays anchored on the ship and enjoy in local food and amazing drinks with good company
  • Go partying and discover islands nightlife
  • Rest and sleep, regain your strength and then do it all again!

Have the best holidays of your life in magical Greece

After getting to know the sample itinerary, learning about the destination and things you could do an on a gulet cruise, let’s start brainstorming together some ideas! Send us an inquiry and get free assistance from our gulet cruise expert. We will carefully listen and gather your wishes so we can help you in finding the perfect gulet and provide you with the best Greek cruise experience. Start planning and get your hand-crafted tailor-made itinerary packed with the best deal possible.

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