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Croatia: The World’s Top Gulet Cruise Destination

Croatia is actually the most popular gulet cruise destination in the world. And the gulets there are very fast fully booked there. So if you are thinking of cruising Croatia on gulet you should read this post where you will learn about the best itineraries, things to do and different gulet categories with some examples.

Split Main Waterfront Walkway Palms And Architecture
Dubrovnik, Croatia
Vineyard and beach of Brač

Croatia is a country that seats at the center of Europe, a relatively small but beautiful country with a population of over 4 million people. To the east of the Croatian border is the Adriatic Sea east of Italy, Hungary to the north, Serbia to the east and to the south is Montenegro.
Croatia is the most popular gulet cruise destination in the world. And it is no coincidence why many tourist favor Croatia when they crave a cruise aboard a gulet. Croatia is simply an amazing country with s beautiful scenery and the finest of seas.

Dubrovnik, Croatia. Beautiful romantic old town of Dubrovnik during sunrise.

1.) Cruising Itineraries in Croatia

a.) Dubrovnik- Trstenik – Dubrovnik

There is no better place than the beautiful night city of Dubrovnik to kick start your cruise. After that, the cruise moves on to Sipan – the town with the great islands of Kalamota and Lopud, by all means, explore the islands and try dinner at the wonderful village tavern. Mljet Island is a great city where you can try the tavern Ogigija the cruise then proceeds to Pomena, a city where you can hike, swim or relax at the amazing bays. Finally, the town of Lopud ends the cruise but not without having lunch and dinner at Sunji and Zatan respectively.

b.) Split – Southern Dalmatian islands – Split

Begin your cruise at the amazing town of Split and explore its numerous amazing town. Then the cruise proceeds to the home of the swimming golden bay in Brač before moving to the beautiful wonder of an island located in the town of Hvar. Next up the cruise will approach Krknjaši which is a wonderful town to relax by taking a swim or snookering. If you need a drink or need to pray at a church then the next destination which is Primošten will do just nicely. Just after Primošten your cruise will end at Skradin which is popular for being the home of superstars and a town with a tremendous appetite for fun.

Split Main Waterfront Walkway Palms And Architecture

c.) Split to Dubrovnik

Begin your cruise from Split and enjoy a stroll around the nice city next up is a visit to Brač which is a serene and calm city where you can relax ashore and escape from your troubles. After the calmness in Brač you can take a much-needed dip in one of the amazing bays in Hvar or go for a drink. The small towns of Vela Luka and Elafiti Islands are the next destination on this cruise, you can visit a bar and have a drink or just enjoy the scenery from the gulet. Lastovo & Mljet are amazing natural cities with exotic park where you can hike or just sip in the clean air. The ever buzzing and busy city of Dubrovnik is where your cruise ends with a chance to meet lots of people.

d.) Dubrovnik – Trogir

Begin your cruise in the rich historic and cultural Croatian town of Dubrovnik where you can get lost in its marvel and pure architectural beauty, so much to do and so much to see in Dubrovnik. Next up on the cruise is the undeveloped Croatian island of Lastovo which is a small town where you can have a swim and relax in its calm surrounding. The cruise then touchdown the town at Korčula which is the sixth largest island in Croatia which is rich in culture and tradition and is a tourist’s hotspot for all the fun seekers and wine lovers. The famous city of Brač is next, Brač is famous for a radiant stone used to build the White House the town is quite calm with a number of surrounding villages and small stone houses. The cruise then proceeds to the Šolta Island which is super calm and quiet, you can walk along the shore and enjoy the peace of mind there. The wonderful cruise ends in the city of Trogir which is a small seaside town with an array of bars and old streetlights which unites everybody at night during the summer.

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2.) Things To Do When Cruising in Croatia

a) Zadar

-visit the Morske Orgujinle where you can see landmarks, go sightseeing at historic walking areas and visit points of interests
– visit the Paklenica national park where you can meet new people and have fun.

Old Wooden Boats In Stari Grad
Aerial view of the city of Zadar in Croatia.

b) Šibenik

-visit the Cathedral of St James in Sibenik and take a walk down its historic site and museum.
-visit the Sokolarski Raptor Centre where you can see a wild array of nature and wildlife on display

c) Skradin

-visit the National Park Krka Waterfalls where you can enjoy the wonderful view of the waterfall and take amazing holiday pictures.
-Rent a Bike Riki offers bike for rentals. You can rent one to move around faster and explore even more of the city.

d) Primošten

-visit the Hilltop 15th Century church of St George in Old Town Primošten, enjoy the landmarks and historic religious Christian Cathedral.
– You can also visit the Velika Raduča beach to have some sea-side fun and relaxation.

Island Primošten
Prokurative square in Split

e) Trogir

-visit the Trogir Historic site for a journey into the past and the beauty of history and old architecture.
-the Central Square in Trogir is an interesting landmark and a point of interest in Trogir where you can meet new people.

f) Split

-visit the Diocletian’s Palace for an amazing historic walk in the ancient ruins of the palace enjoy the historic walking area for sightseeing.
-visit the Marjan for a hiking adventure in the mountain and its beautiful parks

g) Brač

-visit the Vidova Gora montains for a hiking and climbing adventure.
-enjoy fun and relaxation at the Zlatni Rat Beach.

h) Hvar

-visit the Hvar Fortress for sightseeing of an amazing historical site with a great scenery.
-if you are down for an adventure then you can also visit the Palkeni islands for a thrilling experience.

i) Vis

-for a nice beach experience, visit the Stiniva Cove
-for abundant amount of surfing, windsurfing, paddle boarding and kitesurfing, visit the Islomania in Vis.

Island Of Vis Seafront Walkway View
Amazing Stinva Beach Of Vis Island

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3.) Gulet Categories in Croatia


The standard gulets do not offer anything out of the ordinary. But still, you will cherish your ever cruise on this range of gulets.


• Prices in October and May can be as cheap as €600/person/week. This includes accommodation
• Prices in June and September can range from 660-850€/person/week.
• Prices in July and August can range between 900-1000€/person/week.
• Competent and uniformed crew and comfortable cabins
• All cabins are air conditioned
• From 4 to about 9 cabins with their own individual shower and toilet

Examples of Standard Gulets


The Gulet features a nice crew and guests are allowed to come on board with their own drinks. The gulet Dolin has a lot of nice reviews by past guests.
Size: width=27 meters length= 5.50 meters
Number of cabins: 5 cabins. Maximum of 10 guests.
Crew members: 3
Price per week: starting from 6800€

Gulet Dolin
Gulet San


Gulet San features a young and competent crew. This gulet can accommodate up to 14 people and it is also worth every penny.
Size: width=22 meters length= 6 meters
Number of cabins: 6 cabins. Maximum of 14 guests.
Crew members: 3
Price per week: starting from 7900€


This is one of the biggest gulet in Croatia with an ample space on deck. This gulet is perfect for couples and family cruise.
Size: width=33.5 meters length= 7.5 meters
Number of cabins: 8 cabins. Maximum of 16 guests.
Crew members: 4
Price per week: starting from 10.800€

Gulet Gideon
Gulet Nautilus


Example of Luxury Gulets


One of the biggest gulets in Croatia that features a Jacuzzi on deck and a myriad of onboard water sporting tools.
Size: width=31 meters length= 7 meters
Number of cabins: 8 cabins. Maximum of 16 guests.
Crew members: 4
Price per week: starting from 10.500€


The Loupan features an international crew and a luxury interior made of the best mahogany and Alcantara.
Size: width=23.9 meters length= 6.2 meters
Number of cabins: 4 cabins. Maximum of 10 guests.
Crew members: 3
Price per week: starting from 12.400€

Gulet Loupan
Gulet Barba


Barba is the largest, yes the largest gulet in Croatia. This luxury gulet has enough space for family, friends, jet skis and in board entertainment and fully air conditioned.
Size: width=42 meters length= 7.2 meters
Number of cabins: 6 cabins. Maximum of 14 guests.
Crew members: 4
Price per week: starting from 14.900€


This range of gulets offers nothing but premium and world class cruising services and amenities. The very best!


• From 5 up to 9 cabins with individual showers and toilet
• Only the best gulets in Croatia
• Top class crew and accommodation
• Falls into the Croatian category of one of the best gulets in the world
• Prices can be as low as 10.000€ in the low season and 25000€ in the peak season. All prices are per individual every week.
• Enough water toys and waterboarding tools on board and so much more!

Gulet Pacha

Examples of Deluxe Gulets


Pacha has a competent crew, excellent on board food and a plethora of water boarding tools on board including 2 jet ski.
Size: width=28 meters length= 6.70 meters
Number of cabins: 4 cabins. Maximum of 9 guests.
Crew members: 4 (Captain, Chef, Sailor, Hostess)
Price per week: starting from 22.500€


This gulet features a very large beam and renovated seating. The 4 out of 6 cabins on this yacht has two separate beds that are excellent for non-couples and children.
Size: width=27 meters length= 7.50 meters
Number of cabins: 6 cabins. Maximum of 14 guests.
Crew members: 4 (Captain, Chef, 2 Sailors)
Price per week: starting from 13.970€

Gulet Morning Star
Gulet Fortuna


With a fully air conditioned yacht that can accommodate up to 14 guests, the Fortuna is a real luxury yacht. The interior is well designed and furnished as well as its amazing salon area. This yacht is suitable for one of the most luxurious and exciting cruise you’ll ever take.
Size: width=28 meters length= 7 meters
Number of cabins: 7 cabins. Maximum of 14 guests.
Crew members: 4 (Captain, Cook, first mate and deck hand)
Price per week: starting from 9240€

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