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Gulet Cruising in Greece Will Thrill You

All you need to know about gulet cruise in Greece itineraries, things to do and few examples of gulets from Greece.

Landmarks of Greece - antique Potara gates in Naxos island
Authentic traditional Greece - beautiful Andros island. Cyclades
Beautiful villages of Greece - impressive Olimbos in Karpathos i

Greece is a country located in the southeastern part of Europe, with an approximate population of over 11 million people. Athens is the capital of Greece and Greece is strategically located at the crossroads of Asia, Europe, and Africa.

Kalymnos island in Dodecanse archipelago in eastern Aegean
Impressive landscapes and beautiful beaches of Greece - Andros i

1.) Cruising Itineraries in Greece

a) Cyclades Islands

The cruise will begin from the Mykonos which is an exotic island with beautiful water bodies, this island is the ideal place for surfers and those that enjoy water sports. Just after Mykonos, the cruise will proceed to Delcos which is a very historical and archeological location and a place that should be seen. The cruise will then head to the beautiful fishing village of Naoussa, where there are exotic restaurants and of course a lot of fish spiced dishes. The next stop is Naxos which is one of the largest islands in the Cyclades and a preferred tourist holiday destination, Naxos is a beautiful island with a lot of beaches and natural scenery.

Then the cruise will head to Koufonisia which is popularly tagged a tiny paradise in Aegean and features a lot of caves. The cruise will pass through Ios which is a wonderful island with fine and exotic beaches that always attract the partying crowd. Then, the cruise will then move to Santorini. Santorini is one of the most romantic and most visited destinations in Greece, featuring a very beautiful landscape and scenery.

Corfu clear water
Aerial drone photo of Porto Katsiki beach with turquoise clear w

b) Southern Corfu

On the first night, the gulet will be anchored at the harbor and dinner will be served, you can go sightseeing at one of the numerous beaches on the island. The next day, the cruise will proceed to Sarande – which is a small town located in southern Albania where you can go swimming at any of its fine bays. The next day, the cruise will head to Igoumenitsa which is a popular town because it links Greece and Italy, it features great mountains and beach resorts. The following morning, the cruise will head to the Paxo Island which is famous for its green lush hills and limestone cliffs. The next stop is the Antipaxos which is a very miniature and sparse island where you can find a vineyard that produces some of the best wines. The cruise will proceed to Psaras which is a small village with a very beautiful pebble filled sand beaches. On the seventh day, the cruise will head to the Mouse Island which is located just south of Corfu town. On the eighth day, the cruise will disembark at Corfu.

c) North Dodecanese

The cruise will begin from the Kos harbor and head towards the Pserimos Islands which feature secluded beaches. The next day, the cruise will head to Alinda bay on Leros Island which is a small harbor that make one of the tastiest desserts in one of its finest bakeries. The third day holds something special when the cruise heads to Lipsi Islands which has crystal clear bays and exotic beaches for some water sport or relaxation. Patomas is the next stop for the cruise on the fourth day, Patamos is the tourist favorite, and it is a gentle and relaxing island that feature some nice beaches and restaurants. On the fifth day, the cruise will arrive at the Patomas Island, precisely at a beautiful village called Chora on the Dodecanese Island. On the seventh day, the cruise will head to Vathi which is the only island that has a spring water of its own that is used to grow a host of grapes and fruits. Finally, the cruise will arrive at Kos where it will be time to bid farewell.

Kalymnos island in Dodecanse archipelago in eastern Aegean
Aerial drone photo of Porto Katsiki beach with turquoise clear w

d) North Ionian Islands

Embarking begins at Corfu where guests will get acquainted with the crew and will be served food. Guests can go for sightseeing at one of the ancient cities in Corfu. On the second day, the cruise will sail to the Thesprotia region where the cruise will stop at the Sivota area and the Syvota area, both locations offer wonderful beaches for a nice time. The cruise will arrive at the small town of Parga which features a historic castle and clear waters for a nice swim. Antipaxos is the next stop on the fourth day before the cruise proceeds to the blue caves and Lakka on the fifth day. The cruise will sail to a small fishing village of Petriri where you can enjoy a swim. On the seventh day, the cruise will sail north where you will discover the breathtaking scenery and finally head back to Gouvia for disembarking.

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2.) Things to Do When Cruising in Greece

a) Chios Town

Visit the Mavra Volia beach

Do some sightseeing in the neighborhood of Pyrgi

b) Patmos

Visit the historic site of the Monastery of Saint John

Go and see the landmarks in the Chora Patmos

Patmos island in Dodecanse archipelago in eastern Aegean.

c) Lipsi

Visit the Platis Gialos Beach

Go on a boat tour at the Rena 5 Island cruise

d) Leros

Visit the Leros War Museum

Go sightseeing at the virgin of Panteli Castle

e) Pserimos

Go on a boat tour at Katerina 3 Island Cruise

Go on horseback riding at the Salt lake stables

f) Kos

Visit the Eleftherias square

Visit the Kos Town Castle

Romantic Wedding On Greek Island
Panoramic view of the coast the island of Symi, Greece

g) Tilos

Visit the neighborhood in Mikro Horio

Visit the religious site at Agios Pandeleimonas

h) Symi

Visit the St Nicholas Beach

Go sightseeing and lookout at Kali Strata

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3.) Gulets from Greece

Gulet Irina

Gulet Irina is a traditional yacht from the Aegean Sea that is very seaworthy and is perfect for a small group or family cruise.

Size: width=22 meters length= 5.90 meters

Number of cabins: 4 cabins. Maximum of 8 guests.

Crew members: 3 (Captain, Sailor, Chef)

Price per week: starting from 9.900€

Gulet Irina

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