Gulet cruise Turkey - Reviews and things to consider before booking!

Gulet cruise Turkey – Reviews and things to consider before booking!

Because there are so many options to choose from when it comes to gulets and Blue Cruise routes in Turkey, finding trusted reviews can be a challenging task. In this post, we got all that! We collected a few of the reviews from our clients’ perspective but also we gave our own. We are transparent with our clients’ comments, reviews, and some critique if they come our way. Why? Well, because building trust, improving our business and helping you is our main goal!

Top 3 unique gulet testimonials and gulets we recommend

Gulet Grande Mare guest review, boat features and more to come!

J. Miller (UAE) – Gulet Grande Mare Review

Just a few words to tell you how satisfied we are: our cruise on gulet Grande Mare was outstandingly pleasant; comfortable boat, excellent and friendly crew (a great cook!) and unforgettable visits to different sites in Greece and in Turkey. A special thank you to your representative who has been efficient and quite agreeable to talk to. Thanks again to Goolets personnel to organize this for us.

Cruised on Grande Mare.  Route Greece & Turkey.

Gulet Grande Mare
Master-Cabin Grande mare

Grande Mare – amazing features and design with Your comfort in mind!

Grandiose and beautiful sailing yacht Grande Mare is a 34-meter long luxury gulet. Her story begins back in 2004 when she was first launched. However, the amazing looks and features we see today were achieved in 2015 with her last major refit. This yacht is designed to provide its guest with highest levels of comfort and luxury on the sea. It has 6 spacious cabins that can accommodate up to 14 guests on board for a luxury cruise around the Mediterranean and Aegean sea. Every room is nicely decorated and provides you with everything you need for a comfortable and relaxing stay.

Besides high-end interior and exterior, you will also be provided with high-end service and the crew. They are very flexible, especially with food schedules and changes. Another great feature is that this yacht has excellent sailing performances and a very large range of water sports on board.  They include windsurf, waterski, Ringo, canoe, as well as snorkeling equipment, fishing tackle, sun awnings, sun mattresses, deck shower, and more. For further information and requests, you can contact us.


Similar gulets we recommend:

Esma Sultan similar features:

  • Spacious luxury yacht – 37-meters long
  • 7 Cabins for 16 Guests
  • Experienced friendly crew
  • A vast range of watersports onboard + Jacuzzi

Nurten A similar Features:

  • Spacious luxury yacht – 31 meters long
  • 6 cabins for 12 guests
  • High-end service on board
  • Sailing is possible

Kaya Güneri 5 similar features:

  • Spacious luxury yacht – almost 40 meter long
  • 6 cabins for 12 guests
  • Excellent service and Captain with over 10 years of experience
  • Many watersports available on board

Gulet Kayhan 4 video review – What makes him so special? And some alternatives if you miss your spot!

kayhan 4 cabin

Kayhan 4 – the perfect mix of modern and traditional design

Kayhan 4 is a marvelous luxury gulet with a sleek modern style mixed with the traditional approach. It features 28 meters in length, coming with five cabins that can accommodate up to 10 guests on an unforgettable cruise along the Turkish coast. Each of the cabins has modern features and it is equipped with everything you need to make sure your journey is as stress-free and comfortable as possible! 

In spacious Master cabins, you will find the added luxury of a mini-bar that is very convenient. The lovely wooden interior and exterior gives a home welcoming feeling and is a great place to unwind. Kayhan 4 offers many extra activities available on board that will keep you active and amused during the cruise. Another important factor is the 24/7 technical service on sea provided by the owner himself. So it is safe to say, you will be in great hands. Their own beautiful 4-star hotel in Marina is also available for guests with special price, which may come in handy for some.

Similar gulets we recommend:

Dea del Mare similar features:

  • Luxury gulet yacht – 28 meter long
  • 5 cabins for 10 guests
  • Professional and attentive captain and crew
  • Many water toys available on board

Derin Deniz similar features:

  • Luxury yacht – almost 40 meter long
  • 6 cabins for 12 guests
  • Experienced Captain and award-winning Chef
  • Many watersports available on board

Ece Berrak similar features:

  • Spacious luxury yacht – 33 meters long
  • 5 cabins for up to 10 guests
  • Great professional crew
  • Vast range watersports available

Moments caught live – Check-in video from Sunworld 9

Gulet Sunworld

Sunworld IX – Perfect choice for larger groups wanting to travel in style

The Sunworld IX is a truly beautiful gulet who is popular among our clients who travel in larger groups. As a matter of a fact it has 8-cabin that can accommodate comfortably up to 20 guests on board. Space on board won’t be a problem since Sunworld IX is 30 meters long. Her interior is elegant, spacious and it features a classic design with beautiful mahogany fittings and furnishing.  Cabins are separated by the saloon which gives it a feel like it’s 2 separate boats with a lot of ensured privacy.

On deck, you’ll find a dining table which is perfect for socializing and long and leisurely meals that your personal chef will prepare. Don’t worry about feeling crowded because there is plenty of space on deck.

Similar gulets we recommend:

Prenses Selin similar features:

  • Very spacious luxury yacht – 37 meters long
  • 11 cabins for up to 22 guests
  • 5-star service on board
  • Many water sports options

Osman Kurt similar features:

  • Spacious luxury yacht – 33 meters long
  • 8 cabins for up to 16 guests
  • High-class service and dedicated personnel
  • Lots of watersports available

Prenses Lila similar features:

  • A quite large luxury yacht – 36 meters
  • 8 cabins for up to 18 guests
  • A lot of spacious living space areas
  • A professional crew of 5 members

Find your utopia, start planning your next Turkey cruise!

Our Perspective and advice on Turkey gulet cruise:

High value – There are almost no limits

The Turkish Riviera has mesmerizing beauty, but besides all the beauty and adventure it hides it also has one big advantage! It is not limiting, and almost everyone can find something they like. It caters for everyone from budget holiday cruisers to those who are more flexible and willing to splurge. You have many gulet options to choose from, from all different categories and that makes thing tremendously easier.


The Food

If you choose all inclusive, breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner along with snacks will be provided to you on board. Your own personal chef will prepare most delicious food for you and your group according to the menu you planned beforehand. Expect fresh local ingredients, traditional dishes that will wake up all of your taste buds.

lasos turkey

History and lifestyle

As planned depending on your route, you will be taken to shore so you have time to explore the coast. You will be able to explore towns, sleepy villages, resorts, and historical sites. There is also the possibility of renting a tour guide if preferred. Turkey also has one of the most beautiful beaches in the whole world. You will truly be able to relax and unwind. Experience Turkish surreal lifestyle, local places, warm friendly people and amazing food.

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Jumping from gulet

Dive into the most beautiful sea!

Swim on bays

The crew

On Turkish gulets no matter which you choose for your cruise, we will make sure you are matched with the crew who will provide you will excellent service. The attention given by staff is outstanding! We will make sure there is no communications barrier as well because communication is one of the most important things on board.  Furthermore, the crew will do their best to ensure you have stress free holidays.
beach feature

Most beautiful beaches and the turquoise sea

Turkish coastline also carries a name “Turquoise coast” and that is because the sea is so clear and all the shades of blue merge together creating a most magical shade of turquoise. Wake up early enough and you might even catch some dolphins sights with sunrise in the background. This fact alone is a reason in itself why you should consider booking the next cruise in Turkey. Along with that, you spend your days on the beach, that are perfect daily getaways for everybody!

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