Top 13 Instagram Posts Of Places To Visit in Croatia

Top 13 Instagram Posts Of Places To Visit in Croatia

Croatia coastline is a popular destination among many people who visit this stunning location each year! Here are the Top 20 best Instagram posts about Croatia captured by foreigners and locals. See how Croatia looks through their lens and get inspired!

13. Dalmatia – one of the four irresistible historical regions of Croatia

Dalmatian coast is absolutely mesmerizing and one of the most popular destinations for cruising. Fun fact is that distances between some islands and towns in Dalmatia are very short so if you cruise with gulets you have a chance of visiting a few gorgeous islands in a week. This way you get the most out of your holiday and you will not just reach the tip of the iceberg, you will get a chance to fully experience Dalmatia beauty in her full shine!

12. Mljet – the greenest island in Croatia

When arriving from south to north Adriatic Mljet is the first larger island that you will come up to. It is known as Croatia’s greenest island, besides that,  it is a National Park with crystal clean sea, sandy shoreline and a rich underwater sea life! It’s also not a bad idea to lie down next to the sea with an epic view that goes all the way until where your eyes can reach.

11. Krka National Park – visit 7 magnificet waterfalls

The National Park Krka is a must visit if you want to swim in waterfalls, enjoy in preserved nature or simply unwind. The purpose of this national park is to serve science, culture, education and recreation but tourism as well.

It is an exceptional place, perfectly adapted for kids too! So make sure you bring your kids, pack some snacks and go on this little adventure and exploration of the natural phenomenon created in National park Krka.

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10. Vis – Visit stunning and unique Blue & Green cave!

Vis is a small furthest inhabited Croatian island in the Adriatic Sea that hides away many gems. There you will come across some of the best beaches in the country, delicious fresh seafood and local wines. But by far the most beautiful thing to visit is mesmerising Blue Cave and Green Cave.

Green Cave is a natural phenomenon in Croatia, a less famous than the Blue Cave, but definitely worth visiting. After the stop inside Blue Cave, your next stop should be Green Cave. This cave provides another experience which is not possible inside the Blue Cave. You get to experience the feeling of swimming and snorkelling inside the spacious and beyond gorgeous cave. Jump straight into the sea and take advantage of the snorkelling equipment on board and explore the sea bottom of the cave.

It is an exceptional place, perfectly adapted for kids too! So make sure you bring your kids, pack some snacks and go on this little adventure and exploration of the natural phenomenon created in National park Krka.

9. Split – The second largest town in Croatia and some say the most beautiful one!

Split is the second-largest city in Croatia and some say it is the most beautiful one. It is definitely one of those places you can’t miss, whether you want it or not because it is also an important spot on the map because it has the best connections to the nearby islands. The story of this gorgeous city is century’s old, dating back to the times of the Roman Emperor. The most famous attraction definitely is the Diocletian palace that the emperor decided to build to spend the last years of his life. Over 1000 of years Palace slowly transformed and morphed into a city that continued to live a full life to this day. All historical layers from the old Rome and middle ages are still clearly visible in the structure of town buildings protected by UNESCO.

8. Šibenik – the oldest native town in Croatia

Fit in with the locals, relax and grab a coffee in the Old Town of Šibenik. People in Dalmatia known for their easy-going approach to life, so even simple drinking of coffee can last for an hour or two. This town is placed in the middle part of Croatian Adriatic coast and it is the oldest native town of Croatia. The most famous cultural-historical monument to explore is cathedral St. Jacob a beautiful piece of renaissance masterpiece of Croatia that will take your breath away. Although the city is beautiful his past was rough. For this reason here you will also find a defensive grid of forts and walls still preserved and today it serves as beautiful sights of history and natural beauty.


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7. Korčula – an island that casts an everlasting spell on you

Korčula is one of those islands that will cast an everlasting spell on all of its visitors who head to explore the beauty that this island offers. The Old Town has a main street that stretches through the whole Town and other small streets on the sides when watched from the air are shaped like a fish bone! Sea is absolutely beautiful coloured in many shades of blue that glistens under the sun. Here you will find some of the magnificent beaches and quiet coves are surrounded by dense pine forests. There are also many restaurants and bars with some of the most stunning views you will find.

6. Hvar – the party island

Visit Hvar a well-known destination even among A-list celebrities. This lively island is filled with gorgeous sites and nightlife that can compare to places such as  Ibiza. Here you can experience a luxurious atmosphere, explore the island and party until the sunrise. But it’s not all about the party… The island of Hvar is also known as the sunniest island of Croatia, which makes it an excellent destination for sun and beach lovers. It also offers several rich historical monuments, the culture, natural beauty and marvellous beaches. Hvar receives an unbelievable amount of guests each year who are continuously attracted by the islands beauty, warm Mediterranean climate and ongoing fun lively nightlife.

5. Zlatni rat (Golden Cape) – one of the most beautiful beaches ever made

Zlatni rat 2km beach (Golden Cape) is one of the most beautiful and popular beaches of Croatia located on an island called Brač! It is fine round pebble beach that over the year shifts and moves from one side to the other if there are strong winds. Another interesting fact is that it is getting longer over the years and there are data that proves it. In high season this beach can get a bit crowded, but it still pays to take a visit since beach gorgeous and large enough so you will still your own private space. Swim in the turquoise sea, take a walk on the beach and around the nearby forests because there are many locations for getting your perfect photo.

4. National Park Plitvice – the beauty that can’t be described by words

National Park Plitvice is one of the oldest and the largest national parks in Croatia. Imagine YOU sitting here relaxing for a moment forgetting about all the worries while listening to the water rushing down the rock… A paradise on earth and I’m sure many would agree with me on this one.  One tip you should remember is that one day is not enough to experience all the beauties of Plitvice Lakes National Park and its surrounding. If you have the opportunity we would recommend taking two days to explore it fully and don’t forget to bring the right kind of shoes for this adventure.


3. Supetar – The perfect getaway place for those seeking peace and quiet

Supetar is one of the most popular places on the island Brač! However, it still remains a nice getaway place for those seeking peace and quiet. It has many pebbly and sandy beaches along the whole town peninsula, surrounded by pine trees and cricket sounds that chipper under the hot sun. For an epic view of the sunset and Instagram worthy photo, you can climb on the church tower for only around 2 euros and the view you get is priceless! If you are seeking for larger adventure try hiking or take a ride to Vidova Gora mountain the highest peak of the island.

2. Zadar – the most romantic town of Croatia

Objavu dijeli matea ☾ (@oprrosti)

The town called Zadar is the most romantic town in Croatia, ideal for couples getaways. The most gorgeous sunset in the world can be seen right here! Explore historic old town Roman ruins, medieval churches, museums, restaurants and bars. Zadar is a unique city, not too crowded as the Dubrovnik but yet again lively. Its two unique attractions that are pure magic are Sea Organ a nature instrument and solar Greetings to the Sun installation that changes its colours during the night. These are the things you must see and hear to belive!

1. Dubrovnik – one of the most popular holiday destinations

Visit one of the most popular destinations in Croatia, an ancient city called Dubrovnik. This is one of the world’s most incredible holiday destinations that no matter if you visit for the first time or 100th, it will make you fall in love each time. Town offers a rich cultural and historical heritage protected by UNESCO World Heritage List and The Old Town of Dubrovnik is surrounded by 2km monumental city walls that today are one of the city’s biggest attractions. Dubrovnik is also a popular destination for Game of Thrones fans because many parts of the town were used as filming sets for some of the most important episodes of the series. Besides rich history and heritage, this city will also amaze you with superb surroundings, nature, beaches and culinary delights. It’s a place you don’t want to miss.

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