Experience Ultra-Luxury cruise in Croatia- 8 locations in just 7 days

Experience Ultra-Luxury cruise in Croatia- 8 locations in just 7 days

If you don’t like to stay at one place, enjoy traveling in style to the as many beautiful locations possible then you should experience an Ultra-luxury cruise in Croatia. You will be able to see the best and the most of the coastline possible in just 7 days! Our team of experts provided you with route example and few luxury yachts that could be a perfect choice for you and your group. Of course, if you get interested to send us an inquiry and from there everything can be customized and arranged by your personal wishes.


What to expect from luxury Croatia cruises?

When you are on a luxury cruise, each passenger will be given a high level of personal service because crew on luxury gulets is dedicated to catering to all your needs from the moment you step on board. The ambiance of luxury gulets in Croatia is usually refined but relaxed and also sociable. The biggest importance is put on your comfort and enjoyment.

While you cruise you and your group can exchange stories while tasting some the most exquisite wine that Croatia has to offer, that our local gurus will highly recommend. Not to mention, food on board is up to the highest standards, and you will be able to create a menu according to your preferences in advance and get to enjoy in Croatia cuisine. Additionally, the food that is served is prepared by a personal Chef and served to you by the crew, who make every meal even more pleasurable. Also, luxury cruises also provide fewer options for entertainment when it comes to watersports and other features on board.


 Explore all 5 of the most famous places in Croatia in a single week plus additional hidden gems.

On this particular route, you’ll truly get to enjoy the culture, liveliness, and beauty of the Croatian islands & towns, swim in some of the most stunning bays & locations. The flexibility is very big, and according to your preferences and desires, you can cruise this in many different ways. By that we mean you can also choose lots of extra trips, activities, tours, hiking and sightseeing options. A luxury cruise itinerary puts focus on the main hotspots along with some hidden gems.


Right from the start, you can pick where will you start the cruise? Whether that is Trogir or Split, either option is delightful since both cities have an amazing history, good connections, luxury restaurants… You can also decide whether you will stay there overnight or you prefer to sail away immediately toward island Šolta or Island Brač.




Town of Trogir

Split center

Split Main Waterfront Walkway Palms And Architecture


A must visit is island Brač best known for the white-pebble beach Zlatni Rat (Golden Cape) that has been regularly listed as one of the top beaches in Europe! There you can have lunch overlooking this amazing long pebbly beach, and after go to relax and lie down on the beach, do some snorkeling, water sports, swimming or sunbathing. All in all, it is an amazingly unique experience. Besides the main attraction, Brač features traditional architecture and you can really experience authentic island life. P.S. we recommend you try the traditional local olive oil. The olives some over 100 years old are of a rare variety called Buhavica that dates back to the Venetian years are and special producing high-quality virgin olive oil.

Aerial view of Zlatni Rat beach close to the town of Bol on the Brac

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Check the Hvar town the sunniest place in Croatia and best known as a popular summer resort for tourist and many A-list celebrities. Besides active nightlife, this gorgeous island features many beaches and crystal clear sea. You can ask us to arrange for you a private tour of one of the many beautiful vineyards or lavender fields. If you are feeling more up for a chill day you can enjoy a nice dinner and drinks in some of the local restaurants we will gladly recommend. The importance is you enjoy and have a perfect day according to your wishes.

Amazing green island Hvar


Explore the historic sites, beaches, Old Town and everything else Hvar has to offer.

girl with a hat-min


For perfect relaxation and clearing your mind, we will advise you on visiting Šćedri & Pelješac & Šipan islands. There your Captain will pick up some of the most beautiful bays you can swim in, relax and refill your batteries. Pelješac, Ščedro & Elaphite Islands will make you forget about all the worries in the world and the stress of everyday life… and we all need that from time to time.


Two incredible must-see islands on our list are Korčula and Mljet.  Starting with the island Mljet that is known as the greenest island of Croatia, it will blow you away with its preserved nature! Moving on to Korčula, the island that will take your breath away with its history, epic views and charming streets. When overlooked from the air or the main tower you will be able to see that streets form a fishbone shape. You can spend hours exploring each crevasse of the town, city walls, adorned palaces, and elegant traditional houses. Island is also popular for its r vineyards, olive groves, and tiny villages.

Mljet island

Mljet aerial



Irresistible beauty of nature on Mljet

Aerial view of Mljet

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And final icing on the cake comes to a magnificent city called Dubrovnik!   It is a true “Kings Landing „and one of those towns that will make you wish to come back to even before you leave it. It’s enriched by baroque buildings and white limestone streets that spread like a labyrinth over the city.

This town and its long walls are super popular among all of you who are fans of Game of Thrones series since many scenes were filmed right here! You can stand in the place where your favorite characters were and recreate pictures; this is especially fun activity if you are traveling with kids. There are of course private themed tours that we can also arrange if requested. Here you will also find many local high-end restaurants and bars that have top service if you want to try out the food on land as well. Like we said at the beginning everything is flexible and can be rearranged so you can have the best experience of your life.

Dubrovnik Croatia
Dubrovnik, Croatia

Some of the Ultra-Luxury yachts that could suit your group:

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