Experience Gulet Cruising in Italy

Experience Gulet Cruising in Italy

Do you think of cruising Italy on board of a gulet? This post is the right place to start with. Here you will learn about cruising itineraries, things to do, places to see and few gulets that you can charter in Italy.

Amalfi Coast, Italy
Beautifil view on Aragonese castle at sunse
Gulet Italy

Italy is a country located in southern Europe that features a very prominent Mediterranean coastline that also extends into Sicily, Sardinia, the Amalfi Coast and a host of other islands. Rome the capital of Italy is home to the Vatican and a host of ancient ruins.

1.) Cruising itineraries in Italy

a) Cruising the Amalfi Coast

The cruise will commence from Marina di Stabia where the guests will embark and get familiar with the crew and their cabins. On the second day, the gulet will cruise along the Penisola Sorrentina, Punta Campanella and the Li Galli islands where you can disembark and have fun at the Vertical City. On the third day, the crew will continue to get familiar with the guests and the cruise will head towards the villages of Praini, Furore, Fjord and Conca dei Marini where you can stop for a quick swim. On the fourth day, guests can disembark at Capri where they can go ashore and visit a host of locations like Monte Solaro, Villa San Michelle, Gororra Azzura amongst others. The next day, the town of Ischia is the next destination where you can disembark at Casamicciola and have dinner ashore. On the sixth day, the gulet will be cruising around Ischia where you can stop for sunbathing and swims in between. On the seventh day, the cruise will head to Naples where you can disembark and enjoy a host of Italian cuisine in the numerous restaurants in Naples.


b) From Capri Island to Ischia island

The cruise will begin from the Capri Islands where erstwhile roman poets, authors and writers sought inspiration from, Capri is a nice place with exotic villas where you can find that bright spark in you. After your inspired stay in Capri, the cruise will continue to the Blue cave, blue is the prominent color as the water in this city is blue and it features an ancient limestone wall. Moving on, the cruise will arrive at the Porcida islands, which is a famous location for movie scenes, you can also get to enjoy its numerous beaches. The cruise will further proceed to the Island of Ischia which is a fishing village with historical sites and ancient paths that will leave you in awe. Also, the cruise would head to the Aragonese castle in Ischia which was built in 474 BC and is also one of the most visited monument on the entire island.

Capri Island In Italy
View of sant-angelo, Ischia island

c) Amalfi Coast

The cruise will get off from Postiano where you can visit the Beach Spiaggia Granade and a host of other wonderful restaurants. The cruise will then proceed to Ravello. Ravello is a charming and cultural village which is famous for its medieval beauty and wonderful cuisines.  If you are yearning for a walk at the beach then the next destination which is Maiori Town features the largest beach in the entire Amalfi coast. Next up on the cruise is the town of Vietri Sul Mare which is a city revered for its ceramics production and display. The next town is Salerno which was once briefly the capital of history it features some nice restaurants, a bubbling night life, a walk along the cool seaside and some incredible displays at its local museum.

Vietri Sul Mare, Amalfi Coast, Salerno, Italy

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2.) Things to do When Cruising in Italy

Below is a list of places you can visit and tour while cruising in Italy.

a) Ustica

Go scuba diving and snorkeling in the Mister Jump Diving Ustica

Go scuba diving and snorkeling in Blue Diving

Visit the historical museum in Mare Archeologico di Ustica


b) Levanzo

Visit the Caverns and Cave in Grotta del Genovese

Go on a boat tour, speed boat hire, scuba and snorkeling in Egadi Snorkeling

c) Favignana

Go on an underwater boat tour at the Submarine Vision

Visit the Chiesa di Sant’Antonino da Padova Cathedral


d) Marettimo

Visit the Caves of Marettimo for a view of the cavern and caves

Go scuba and snorkeling at Voglia di Mare Diving Center

A view on the Cala Rossa a famous bay on the island of Favignana near Trapani in Sicily Italy bigstock--134798369

Sunny Morning View Of The Addolorata District Of Milazzo Town

e) Trapani

Go sightseeing of landmarks at the Trpani – Erice

Visit the Museum at Museo delle Saline


f) Milazzo

Visit the beach at Piscina di Venere

Visit the castle at Castello di Millazo

Go on a religious sightseeing at the Santuario di Sant’Antonio

g) Vulcano

Go hiking at the Scalata al Cratere

Visit Sicily in Kayak for Kayaking and Canoeing

Hire equipment at the Nolo Sprint da Luigi


h) Lipari

Go sightseeing at the Cathedral in Chiesa Vecchia di Quattropani

Visit the specialty museum in Museo Archeologico Regionale Eoliano

Stromboli Volcanic Island In Lipari Viewed From The Ocean, Sicil

i) Panarea

Visit the reefs at Cala Junco

Hire boats, ferries and go on a ride at Eolie Mare Panarea

j) Ischia

Visit the castle and historic site at Castello Aragonese

Head over to the beach at Maronti to have fun

Visit the specialty museum at Museo del Mare

k) Amalfi Coast

Visit the historic site and gardens at Villa Cimbrone Gardens

Visit the cathedral at Duomo di Sant’Andrea Apostolo

For wildlife and nature, visit Valle delle Ferriere

l) Stromboli

Visit the volcano mountains at Stromboli Volcano

Go hiking & Camping, Nature and Wildlife tours at Magmatrek – Guide Vulconalogiche Stromboli

Aerial View of Maiori, Amalfi coast, Italy

m) Maiori Town

Go hiking at the hiking trails at Sentiero dei Limoni

Visit the beautiful castle at Castello di San Nicola de Thoroplano

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3.) Gulets from Italy

Gulet Victoria

Victoria is a completely refitted gulet based in Sardinia and with a competent and friendly crew on board.

Size: width=23.9 meters length= 7 meters

Number of cabins: 6 cabins. Maximum of 12 guests.

Crew members: 4 (Captain, Chef, Sailor, Hostess)

Price per week: starting from 13.000€

Gulet Victoria
Gulet Maria Giovanna

Gulet Maria Giovanna

Gulet Maria Giovanna has 6 cabins and can accommodate up to 12 guests. This gulet cruises around Naples, Amalfi Coast, Milazzo and Marina Di Stabia.

Size: width=23 meters length= 6.1 meters

Number of cabins: 6 cabins. Maximum of 12 guests.

Crew members: 5 (Captain, Chef, 2 Sailors, Hostess)

Price per week: starting from 13.300€

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