The best family sailing holiday in Croatia

The best family sailing holiday in Croatia

Sailing holiday in Croatia is something which everybody should experience at least once in their lifetime. Sailing is magical adventure that you and your family can enjoy, and Croatia is ideal coastal paradise made for this type of holiday. The beauty of the numerous lagoons and hidden beaches, which can only be reached by boat, is just a few of the first initial reasons why a sailing holiday is something everyone should try out. Here is some important information you should know when planning your sailing holiday.


Why sailing holiday is great choice for families with kids?

Explore the coast of beautiful country Croatia on a private sailing trip with your close ones is truly an amazing choice for summer holidays. A family week on a sailing gulet is a nice chance to spend valuable time with the people you cherish most. When you engage in this type of holiday your kids will have so much, they can play and learn how to work as one, and you can also teach your kids valuable communication and cooperation skills in a fun atmosphere. It is a lovely learning experience, mixed with adventurous activities that can be fun for the whole family. Family bonds will surely be weven more strong after you spend a week together aways from heavy crowds and everyday stress. Captain will also give your kids a chance to steer the boat or help around the boat with some small things if your kids are curious to learn more.


There are over 12000 islands, long coastline, medieval towns, crystal clear sea, beaches, delicious food and much more! Some places are so unbelievably beautiful that you can even imagine such a place would exist!


Town Split is Croatia’s second-largest city with 1700 years-long history. This town has a vibrant atmosphere during summer and offers so many things to see and do that can be great fun for the whole family.
You can take your loved ones to explore the towns historic parts, go on walk tours inside famous Diocletian’s Palace and Cellars (Unesco World Heritage site), go on a walk-in nature, visit city beaches that are great and safe for kids too. There are also more than dozens of bars, restaurants, and shops. However, the Olt Town and its maze streets that lead to main square Peristil are a must-visit!

During your later afternoon walk, you will come across live music playing in the heart of the city with people dancing and having fun. There are also numerous museums, galleries to visit or super popular Game of Thrones tour and museum. One thing is certain, and that is that you surely won’t be bored here!

Zlatni rat, Brač


With morning sun rising you can head to visit one of the most peaceful and beautiful islands in Croatia, and that is Brač. Here you and your family can relax on a gulet, anchor in private bay, and head to explore some of the main points of this gorgeous island.

Brač is best known for its beach Zlatni Rat (Golden Bay). It has been said that this beach is among the most beautiful beaches of Europe and you will see it is equally stunning to look down on from sky and in person when you are relaxing on the beach. This beach also has perfectly clear water that is safe for children to swim and explore.
There are a lot of caffe and snack bars on the beach and a lot of fun things to do (mainly watersports) so you can spend the whole day having a good time with no worries on your mind.


Hvar island is one of the most beautiful islands in the World, and it is a must-see for a whole family. During your sailing holiday, if you wish to take your family to fancy dinner off the boat, for some special occasion like birthdays, this is the place to do it. Why? There are many luxury restaurants, as well as international specialties but it can be pricy. Those who prefer easy-going activities will be glad to know that on Hvar you can head to explore the rich history that goes back to prehistoric times. Grandparents can go on wine tours, or visit Lavander fields, young adults and teenagers can have fun in beach bars filled with young people, small children can enjoy visiting The Fortress…etc. And if you already are in that area you also must go to nearby Pakleni islands archipelago to enjoy the pristine nature.

Jumping from gulet


Korčula is also called little Dubrovnik since it is also framed by old city walls, full of history and it is an extremely beautiful town to check but without heavy crowds. This place is rich in vineyards, olive groves, and small villages, stretching nearly 47km in length. The city is also known as the birthplace of the famous explorer Marco Polo and you and your kids can visit the museum and learn about history.

For leisure time it is best to visit one on many beaches and enjoy the most beautiful sea in the Adriatic. If you want to stay active on land you can explore nature and surroundings by renting a bike or go on a hike. Korčual is also all about quality food, and you will easily find many restaurants in the old town.


The Old City of Dubrovnik is the most beautiful jewel of Croatia included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. You and your family will fall in love with this place. Also, this town is included in the 10 most favorable and most beautiful tourist destinations in the world and it offers many things to do and see. You can go on adventure and exploration with the quest of discovering the divine beauty, old city walls, and cultural monuments. Dubrovnik was also the main filming location for fictional city in Game of Thrones series. For those who have seen the series, Dubrovnik will be extra special because you can recreate photos at all main fiming locations which is super fun. You may also take a guided tour of Dubrovnik, learn all about the history and most stunning places. Fun for the whole family can also be cable car ride up Mt. Sard where you are rewarded with the best views of the old walled town.


  • Visit the most beautiful beaches that the Mediterranean has to offer
  • Stay active, adventurous and go hiking, cycling, kayaking…
  • Escape the crowds and enjoy twith your family
  • Enjoy in water sports in the crystal blue clear sea
  • Explore towns and small villages, nature parks, museums and learn about history…
  • Stay on the anchor, have a rest and enjoy in local food and amazing drinks as the night falls
Dubrovnik City Walls


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ANĐEO Front Side


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