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Top 7 Most Unique Experiences in Croatia during Gulet Cruise

Over 1.200 islands, breathtaking places, incredible bays, national parks, blue sea, tasty food… Croatia has it all! So you’ve decided to cruise to Croatia, and you want to have some extra unique experiences? We got you covered! We collected some of the unique experiences and attraction you may add to your planned itinerary.

Beautiful Skradinski Buk Waterfall In Krka National Park - Dalmatia Croatia Europe

1- Swim next to waterfalls

An absolute magical experience you can’t miss is swimming next to gorgeous Krka national park waterfalls. It is a unique experience! The Krka National Park is spacious with preserved or insignificantly altered ecosystems. You will be surrounded by lush and preserved nature, pools and magnificent waterfalls. Krka national park still permits visitors to dive into its photogenic lagoon and swim around waterfalls. You will also have a chance for a nice hike, there are few places where you can snack on something, or bring your own food and have a picnic in nature. Krka National park is has became very popular so authorities limited the numbers of visitors per day. This move was done in aims to preserve nature for many years in the future.


2- Take a photo next to Split’s Sphinx

Split is the second largest town of Croatia and super popular destination of many. The town has amazing connections with nearby islands,  has a long history and cultural heritage. The most popular attraction you can’t miss is the Diocletian palace. Every day in summer, thousands of tourists pass through Peristil, the main square at the heart of Diocletian’s Palace in Split. Many visitors might recognize this place built by Roman Emperor Diocletian nearly 2,000 years ago. However, many might overlook an Ancient Egyptian sphinx. Sphinx was placed on perch on the southern side of the square and it is truly authentic. Emperor Diocletian had her shipped from Egipt and today it still stands nearly perfectly preserved and you can take a photo next to it. It is believed that specimen dates back to 1,450 BC and the reign of Thutmose III, which is super impressive.

Split main waterfront walkway palms and architecture Dalmatia Croatia, Riva is famous walkway of Split

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3- Listen to the Zadar’s Sea Organ

Zadar is a beautiful town perfect for romantic souls. The old town is a treasure trove of archaeological treasures and monuments to the ancient, medieval and Renaissance periods. A short walk from the main square, you will come across one of the impressive installations of town Zadar.  Installation made by the local architect Nikola Bašić is called Sea Organ. Through holes under the sea level, 35 organ pipes produce interesting tones and melodies as you approach. Sea Organ is powered by the rhythm of the waves so you can enjoy in the breathtaking view and sounds. The same artist created another nearby installation ‘Greeting To The Sun’. This installation is best to explore during the night since it is a pavement solar panel that changes various colors and makes sunsets more beautiful.

4- Explore the Blue Cave

Blue Cave is located on an island called Vis, that became one of the most popular places in Croatia due to its famous beaches and caves. Blue Cave in Biševo is a true wonder of nature that amazes people each day.  The cave is only accessible by sea, and you need to visit it at certain hours. Blue Cave got her name from a phenomenon that occurs as the sun reflects in the cave. An underwater opening lets in the sun’s rays and whole cave lights up in the blue light. You can later go to chill, eat and relax at a nearby beach.

The Blue Cave

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5- Walk the Dubrovnik’s City Walls

Dubrovnik is also known as Pear of Adriatic and no matter if you are visiting for the first time or you are coming back, you will still be equally impressed by this town. City Walls surrounding Dubrovnik, are an adventure you can’t miss. The white monumental walls against the blue sea of Adriatic create amazing contrast and most beautiful photo. The walls were first broached by Napoleon in 1806, and they represent the power of magnificent town they were protecting. A walk around them tells the story about exquisite craftsmanship involved. Dubrovnik Old Town was used also for Game of Thrones series, so if you are a fan you can go on a tour and learn more about history in a cool fun way. This is a super nice choice for families with teenagers too. And of course, we must mention that the views of the sea, hills and Old Town looked from city walls are incredibly beautiful!

Dubrovnik City Walls

6- Discover the vineyards of Pelješac

Pelješac holds amazing landscapes filled with mountains, sweeping valleys, idyllic coves, and beaches. One of the things you must try on this visit is a brilliant red wine called Plavac Mali. Ever since Ancient Greek times, the wine has been cultivated on Pelješac, a long, narrow peninsula. But a complete gamechanger was mentioned wine known as Plavac Mali. The result is ruby red Dingač, loved by many visitors and locals. The wine is produced in limited quantities, which makes him extra special. This is why Peljepac is the place where you absolutely need to fo for a wine tour sample on wines.  You will be amazed by also the hospitality of the people since Croatians are by nature very friendly and open people. You will be able to explore all of the cellars and enjoy.

Helicopter aerial shoot of sandy beach Zrnovo near Orebic on Peljesac peninsula, Croatia. World known surfers destination
Wine tasting

7- Go on Zip Line at Omiš

All of the things mentioned beforehand, will not spike up your adrenalin as this action will. We are of course talking about zipping at Omiš that gained popularity among many visitors and locals too. The adrenalin infused activity allows you to cable cross over the canyon of the River Cetina while sitting in a belt, descend down the canyon.
Transport to the starting point and back is organized with agency vehicles and each person gets a training session.  The zip lines take you right up into the beautiful mountains and professional instructors will help you with anything you need and make sure you are safe. It is an experience you will not regret it.

All these unique and fun activities can be experienced during your gulet cruise. They add extra value and make overall gulet cruise experience even greater than it already is. We will help you organize and plan everything out in time until you are 100% satisfied.

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