Trip to history Archaeological cruise in Turkey

Trip to history – Archeological cruise

Explore the great history of Turkey and enjoy the amazing nature on board of a gulet

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Many of people who come to us inquiring about gulets ask about certain cruise routes that will best suit them.

This route for Turkey Cruises is perfect for those who want to experience amazing beaches and the best places for partying, as well as for those who enjoy history, culture, and want to visit interesting places with lots of things to see and do.


Day 1: Kara Island on Bodrum

Here you will start your cruise in Kara Island, Bodrum, an amazing village filled with plenty of sightseeing spots and places to enjoy a relaxing walk or swim. Kara Island has an interesting harbour that is peaceful enough for you to start your cruise in a relaxing way.

Day 2: Knidos

This is a little place rich with history and culture. Explore ancient ruins and take some time to appreciate the bays and nature of Knidos.

knidos (1)
knidos (2)

Day 3: Myndos

Myndos is a peaceful little town with amazing scenery and peaceful nature. You can check out the archaeological sites and get a feel for ancient Bodrum.


Day 4: Gümüşlük to Türkbükü

Gümüşlük is a beautifully serene fishing village and port unspoiled by mass tourism. The cove and beach view is a great sightseeing spot and is a truly relaxing place to unwind.

Türkbükü is a great spot for swimming and exploring what the town has to offer.


Day 5: Türkbükü to Iasos

Then it’s on to Iasos, a wonderful archaeological site that’s well worth visiting. The picturesque landscape is amazing to see at dusk where you can sit on board during dinner and relax in the tranquil waters.

lasos turkey

Day 6: Iasos to Didyma

After Isaos, we visit Didyma, which has a beautifully relaxing marina and some great culture to experience inland.

Didyma (1)

Day 7: Didyma to Kusadasi

Kusadasi is popular with tourists and has a plethora of art and rich culture that is a wonder to experience. Visit the Byzantine castle and walk along the bay and marina.


Day 8: Kusadasi

We disembark on Kusadasi, where you can also experience nightlife and many exquisite restaurants to end your cruise in style!

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